Whenever I go to my Inbox, or any other folder, the top message is usually selected. Not every time, but almost every time. Why? I don't like that at all. I don't want any messages selected until I click on the box to select them.

I am using Windows 8 RT on a surface tab.  Every time I try to set up my email account the mail app can't find my account.  How can I set it up so I don't have to use IE please?


I have been using outlook live for some time for my domain and it has been working perfectly. Recently I have noticed the following problem:

When I try to set up an email account in an email client (e.g. outlook or iPhone), auto-discovery works perfectly for some user accounts but not for others. In particular, for some accounts, it asks for the server name and credentials and when I manually enter the server address (e.g. pod51000.outlook.com) and the correct credentials it cannot connect and keep asking for credentials (although they are correct).

This problem occurs now for every new user mailbox  that I create. The existing mailboxes work (most of them).

All user accounts belong to the same domain and they are all accessible using the url http://mail.mydomain.com.

Any ides?




I am having a problem with changing my email signature. Every time I go to change it, the box becomes shaded, not allowing me to input anything. I don't know how to fix this. 

I have defined a number of rules, that apply categories to my email. The rules are in Outlook Live, so that they are run on the server, regardless of where I read my mail from.

Unfortunately these are only run on mail that arrives in my inbox.

I would like to either use the same set of rules on outgoing mails or define new ones.

I have tried to define rules in Outlook 2010, which is my primary client, but each time I edit a rule on Outlook Live the rules in Outlook 2010 disappear.

Is there a way to set the defualt for the "Show time" feature when adding an all day appointment in Calendar?  I quickly add these and I don't want the "busy" default because it adds a shaded region for the entire day to my calendar and other's calendars that I copy.

I am lbarrett2@my.devry.edu and when i try to delete my emails they do not work to delete but only one at a time. and sometimes i might have 1600 or more and that can be  crazy. i need help please

I want to know how to set my time. It is in the wrong time zone and i have no idea what time im getting emails or anything. How do I adjust my time zone?