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Outlook has been working until last night when updates KB3098781 & KB3097996 were installed this am.  Now Outlook is unable to load.


No idea why this is occurs.


Microsoft has rereleased update KB3097877 and it no longer crashes Outlook. Check Windows Update and you should be offered it again.

Otherwise, click on the “Installed Updates” link in the bottom left corner of the Windows Update dialog, uninstall KB3097877, restart your computer and rerun “Check for updates” in Windows Update.


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My 8.1 device needs a refresh.  So I crank up ol’ trusty.  Lo and behold I find I installed Windows Essentials 9 some time back.

My 8.1 device was backed up regularly.  So here’s my conundrum.  Can I transfer my WLM 12’s mail rules backward into WLM 9?

I was shocked to find WLM 9.

I know one of you MVPs is the WLM expert so I’m hoping for good advice.!   

Due to the absence being an extended one, I would like to have the automatic reply sent continuously (not just once).

The topical issue seems to be transition of Live@edu to Office 365.
What is the future of Outlook Live for Friends & Family?
Is it going to be maintained?
Is a migration to Exchange 15 planned in a near future?

Whenever I go to my Inbox, or any other folder, the top message is usually selected. Not every time, but almost every time. Why? I don't like that at all. I don't want any messages selected until I click on the box to select them.

somebody help me!!  somebody is sending porn to me by chat and i can't get rid of them!!  call the cops and stop this harrassment!!


Is there any way the domain part of a student email can be re-branded/moved after they leave College? 

When our students leave I would like them to keep there accounts/skydrive etc but no longer have the college domain included in their email address or have their acount managed by  the college.



As far as I can tell, not only is it impossible to create a search folder in OWA, it is also not efficient at updating folders that were created for the mail account using a local Outlook application. Is there any possibility of the Search Folder capabilities being added to OWA?

Recusam sistematicamente a minha fotografia na minha caixa de correio (rosalinagomes@ua.pt). Porquê? 

Dizem sempre que "ocorreu um erro inesperado" . Até quando? 



A única linguagem permitida nas definições do meu perfil é o inglês dos USA. Porquê? 

Relembro que o meu actual nome de utilizadora é rosalinagomes@ua.pt. Vivo em Ilhavo em Portugal Continental.  


O meu actual nome de utilizadora é             rosalinagomes@ua.pt.

Como alterar neste perfil?  Alguém sabe ? É possível ? Obrigada. 




Soporte Microsoft Outlook.

La siguiente es para solicitar como puedo obtener un listado de todos los correos existentes en el momento.


Agradezco su pronta colaboración


Soporte Microsoft Outlook.

La siguiente es para solicitar
como puedo obtener un listado de todos los correos existentes en el momento.


Agradezco su pronta colaboración.


I'm speaking on the behalf of several fellow students when I say that the email system has been showing the time sent incorrectly. This is a concern for many of us because it could potentially impact our grades if we send a message before a due date but it shows up as otherwise. For example, I just sent an email at 7:40 mountain time and its stamped as 1:40.

I can almost never get my attachments button to work on my emails. It is super frustrating and I can barely use this email now. I click on the paper clip over and over and it very rarely works