My universities e-mail server has it set up so I can only enter after I log into e-services. I am not sure if this is even possible as I can't find the server name or my actual password for the e-mail address anywhere. I want it to be set up through the Mail App (so I am able to see all e-mails in one place) but can't seem to figure it out anywhere. Is this even possible?? Thanks, any help would be much appreciated! :)
Can I use with Mac OSX 10.4.11?  I get a very basic screen when logging in which doesn't look at all right. Sorry, I am not computer minded, but I didn't think this version of OS with Firefox/Safari installed would be so out of date.  (This verison does not support Chrome so I can't try this).  I have the latest versions of both browsers supported by my laptop.
I can't establish my iCloud, or other customers ( e-mail accounts on a Windows 7 computer with Outlook 2010.  I've signed in to iCloud Control Panel, but Outlook is reporting that it can't connect to the server.  I've verified the IMAP Server Settings with Apple support.  I work for Apple Retail and have been working with Microsoft Retail staff to resolve this issue for at least five different customers today.  I'd really appreciate some help. thanks! Thanks again, John