My universities e-mail server has it set up so I can only enter after I log into e-services. I am not sure if this is even possible as I can’t find the server name or my actual password for the e-mail address anywhere. I want it to be set up through the Mail App (so I am able to see all e-mails in one place) but can’t seem to figure it out anywhere. Is this even possible??

Thanks, any help would be much appreciated! ūüôā

Can I use with Mac OSX 10.4.11?¬† I get a very basic screen when logging in which doesn’t look at all right.

Sorry, I am not computer minded, but I didn’t think this version of OS with Firefox/Safari installed would be so out of date.¬† (This verison does not support Chrome so I can’t try this).¬† I have the latest versions of both browsers supported by my laptop.

I can’t establish my iCloud, or other customers ( e-mail accounts on a Windows 7 computer with Outlook 2010. ¬†I’ve signed in to iCloud Control Panel, but Outlook is reporting that it can’t connect to the server. ¬†I’ve verified the IMAP Server Settings with Apple support. ¬†I work for Apple Retail and have been working with Microsoft Retail staff to resolve this issue for at least five different customers today. ¬†I’d really appreciate some help. thanks!

Thanks again,