Even all day repeating events, e.g. they are weekly, do not appear in outlook, though their source, in google calendar where the calendar is administered, is absolutely correct.

Timed events seem to be pulled through, but I have had to duplicate my all day events as appointments at 7am so that they are not missed by those who need to know where I am.

Very frustrating!

I am using both Outlook 2010 and Office 365. I would like to connect my Outlook 2010 to my Office 365 (Outlook Web App) calendar so I can keep my calendars in sync. Is there a way to connect the web app to my desktop so I do not have to log into the website to use outlook?


Hi there

The business that I work for uses Office 365 for all our email and calendars. It works really well and we've all got our smart phones synchronised and we're really in to Office 365.

I currently work in a limited environment on my desktop PC such that I only have use of a browser (and no Microsoft Outlook installed) at certain times of day; this means that I can only use the web based Office 365 interfaces. Having used the web interface so much, I now use it exclusively across both my workstations and it's a great experience. I have a small issue, however, when creating events. Often, somebody else will change the time of the event and that will fire off to the event creator and that person will be able to update his/her calendar with the new time. This works as intended using Outlook; using the web client, I do not see any new time proposals but simply receive a declined message with no option to view the new time proposal.

I really enjoy using the web client and so I have checked out the FAQs and searched this forum but not found any mention of this issue so far. Does anyone have any knowledge about this situation? Is there something that I have missed that will help me stick to using the web client while at my desktop?

I need to schedule appointments 3 times per six school weeks.  Due to school holidays, the appointments don't always fall every other week so the available patterns for recurring appointments don't work.  Currently I choose every 2 weeks and move them around.  When I do this each appointment that is moved is no longer included in the recurring appoint so the invitees have to be added to each one.  If I add the invitees first, they get an email everytime I move the appointments to the correct dates.  Is there a better or more efficient way to do this?

dont received emails a 4 days why?????

Is there any way to search the calendar from the Office 365 web interface? 

1. Please make it so that you can overlay calendars in the OWA!

2. Allow you to share, view and edit calendars on IOS devices.

Is this possible through the PowerShell or some other method?

I am trying to connect my Calendar in Outlook 2007 on my desktop  (I have 32 Bit windows vista business with service pack 2 installed) with office 365 so that they sync automatically.

I have the email working fine so how do  get the calendars to work of the 365 exchange server?


I have an office 365 account. I was able to share my contacts with my collegues using outlook 2010, except for one collegue. I always receive an error message that I don't have the permission to share contacts with this person.

I wanted to try this online, on my office 365 account. But in the contacts tab I don't see the other shared contacts of my collegues and it is not possible to share contacts. There is no share-option when I push my right mouse button.

Please help.


Is there a way to set the defualt for the "Show time" feature when adding an all day appointment in Calendar?  I quickly add these and I don't want the "busy" default because it adds a shaded region for the entire day to my calendar and other's calendars that I copy.



We use Outlook Live fore email at our school.  I have a request from somebody who has Microsoft Office 2010 Pro on their computer and wants to download their calendar from the website to incorporate/import  into the Outlook client on her computer.  I can't find anything in the help section to help me with this.



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