In "Junk E-Mail Settings", When I check the box "Trust e-mail from my contacts" and save, I get the message "Junk e-mail validation error. Value:" with an email address that is in my contact database.

I then delete that contact , save, and another contact comes up.  I dont know where this ends.  The email addresses appear to be normal.

Can someone help me?

I need to download a questionnaire from email.  I click , save and open in the download file.  But, when I go to retrieve it, it isn't there.  Where is being stored?

I have been having a conversation back and forth with someone via email. Now with the new update, all of the emails are zipped up in the little drop down arrow. Is there any way to disable this so I can see all of my messages in an email window?

I just got an email with the subject "Summer Internship." Two years ago, I sent an email with the subject "Summer Internship." Because they both had the same subject line, the email I sent two years ago comes linked to the new one I recently received. Neither have any of the same contacts in a To or CC line. Is there any way to disable this?

I have granted myself and another user access to another users emails who has left the company.  Her account is still active, but all emails are being forwarded to the other user.  When I go into the EMC, it shows me that there are almost 2400 items in her inbox, yet when I add her account to my Outlook client, there is nothing in the inbox.  There are a few in the Deleted folder and a bit over a hundred in the junk E-mail folder.  Where are the rest of them?  How do I force outlook to download the rest of the items in her inbox?

I was using ActiveSync without any problems until we migrated to office365 (30.4).

 I got systematically an security error during mailbox synchronization even i recreated the account sucessfully. Samsung help team ask me to install a certificate for office365 ? What is this ? 

My system is a galaxy tab 10.1 with android 3.1.

When I login to live, I used to go straight to my email. Now I go to a summary page. My only option from there is office. I choose that and then I can choose mail. I don’t know how this happened, but is there a way I can set it to go directly to mail after login?


I have been trying to set up my student email on my iPhone and it isn't working.

A friend mentione this might be because I need to use my original password to get access but I don't know it.

Please let me know what I can do?!?



Okay, I have set my account to not automatically reply and to never send a response, but every time I receive an email in my inbox two seconds later I receive another email from MAILER-DAEMON@MAILER-DAEMON telling me that my message cannot be sent. This is not only crowding my inbox, but I have already been locked out of my email because so many people marked my address is SPAM….how do I fix this??




In the past week, I receive this error when trying to open email attachments on Outlook OWA.   I can download the attachment and open, but Web Ready Viewing was easier at times.

Anyone else seeing this ?


Hello, I've noticed how your guide for connecting the MS Exchange e-mail account provided by an organization to an external e-mail client results in the first part of the e-mail address being used as ID for the account ("test" in, for example), while this default might not be the correct setting.

Since the real ID is available to see under the "options"–>"all options" in the outlook web app, wouldn't it be better to specify in the guide to look up the ID there?

I'm writting in Japanese


Hi, I've been having problems logging into my email on both my phone and my computer.  The only way I can get into my email is if I go through the "change password" page and then go to "edit profile" and then click where it says "mail" at the top and I can only do this on my computer and not my phone.  Is there anyway to fix this without having to go through any inconvenience?  Thanks.

1.     When I try to use the "repeat" option in calendars, I cannot select any options, then the screen will lock and I have to log out.  I have used this option before without any trouble.

2.     When I try to empty my deleted folder, it locks and I have to log out.

I know that some of the functionality of Litigation hold is no longer available in Liveatedu, but I have a user mailbox that IS on litigation hold that I was able to put on litigation hold back in early 2011 using powershell.

This employee is no longer with us and when I go to delete her mailbox it tells me that it is on litigation hold and cannot be deleted.

I have tried to recreate the steps in powershell to remove the litigation hold, but to no avail.

Any ideas?