I have a hp touchpad with capability to sync using Micrisoft Exchange.

How do I config this HpTouchpad to sync my Office 365 account…. I try everything but does not work.


Trying to export contacts from Outlook 365. Has this been fixed yet?


It is extremely inconvenient when you cannot change your email from you N-number to a name that sounds more professional. I would like for that to become an option. Thank you very much.

The print is so small I cannot read it.  I have to open it up cut and paste into a document to read.  What can I do to make the print larger?

I recently switched to the "light" version of Outlook Web App with a simplified, text only appearance and I just simply want to switch back to the Windows Live "Classic View" but every time I click Switch Back to Classic View it changes back until I sign back in and I have to repeat the whole process all over again?!?!?
Any help?? 

We are in the process of migrating to Live at EDU.

We configured OLSync and everything is working fine.

We are using the migration utility and I cannot find the information on how to migrate distribution groups.

OLSync has moved them over, but I don’t know the process of creating the group

Much like user enabled accounts, if I try to create the distribution group through the web admin interface, I get a “SMTP already exists” message.

Do I need to use Powershell to create the groups? and if so, what is the command?




I have read several sources stating that the ability to include a legal footer in all outgoing mail can be set in the Mail Control settings off Exchange Manager.  When I go into this section, I don't see the section to manage rules.

 This is an important requirement for my organization as we were under the impression this was available when we began moving our services over to Office 365.  Please help!

I am using an email account supported by the MS Exchange server. I also use Outlook 2010 as a client at my PC. When I set up a redirection rule at the server, the Outlook 2010 shows the following error message and deactivate the server-based redirection rule. Could I keep the redirection rule active while using Outlook 2010?

Rules in Error

The redirect action is not currently supported with Run Rules Now.

I'd like to delete it all and start over with fresh one.

Can we do this ourselves or do we post a message here and wait forever?

(I posted a message more than a week ago and there are zero replies.)


UCF converted to Outlook and my phone will no long receive emails from this account. I tried deleting the account from my phone and re-adding it following the instructions on the website and it refused to work as well. I do not how I am supposed to get my e-mails from this account to start going back to my phone. Any suggestions are appreciated, but currently I am not happy with the conversion.

Aimee Londergan

Since the change my phone does not combine my old email with my new one. The new one only has emails that I have sent since the update not my old ones. It also does not include any of my emails in the various folders I have on this email account. Most of my new contacts are not on the new email as well. I don't have time to go look up every email address I need on the old email from my phone. This is a very urgent matter.

I have a new exchange 2010 server and in the management console, under recipient configuration, on the right there should be add mailbox and other options, but on my server there is only find and refresh.  does anyone have an idea how to get the other options to show up?