how i translate a paret of email content? i can not find an icon for translation

hi I am interested to know if there is a message history for messenger kept with microsoft , in the same way that cell phone companies keep text messages. I had conversations with an individual via messenger that may now prove to be evedence…


these conversations took place on a computer that I no longer own so I do not have them in local storage .



When i finished piecing up my videos together, i went to publish the movie to desktop. However, it just keeps getting stuck at 3% no matter how many times i reopen the file again. Need help quick! 


When will a new installer for Windows Essentials for Windows 8.1 be released?  The current installer comes with Messenger which is no longer supported and Skydrive which is already integrated with Windows 8.1.  If I do a default install it will install
these components that is no longer supported.  Windows 8.1 already comes with Skype integrated.  The only components that should be installed in Windows 8.1 is Mail, Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, and Writer.

Hi. I’m curious to know the date i created my account. I’ve seen a link and verified my account. but nothing happened?

Very Strange problem! I can’t print an email sent by a customer . I update or downgrade my wlm version,the problem exists still.  Now I changed the os from windows 7 to windows xp, still bad luck. I can’t print it even I changed the machine. Anyone have
good idea?thanks

I created a DVD of pictures and would like to add music to it. I only have music on iTunes. Is there a way to use this music on the DVD? If not, how do I download a WMA file?




Hi there,

I was very interested in consolidating my e-mails into Outlook, I have one @live account through, as well, I have outlook for my work exchange.  Primarily I am interested on consolidating the emails so they all show up on every computer (or
device such as my iPhone), including my contacts and calendars.
Is there a way to feasibly do this? 

I’m trying to turn on app blocking for an account. The only application I’m blocking is Skype; but the user cannot launch Internet Explorer. He clicks “ask a parent” and I try typing in a password there too, but still no luck. This is on Windows 7. Anyone
seen this before?

Move Maker will not recognize or play the mp4’s I load to the storyboard, saying corrupted etc.    I have tried reloading it.  It plays from the windows picture viewer but not in movie maker.How do I fix this?

I know that Microsoft releases "security updates" to Windows Essentials… When will they actually "upgrade" the product?


I have recently installed family safety using windows 7, but have noticed that the only facebook activity showing says ‘redirecting’, nothing else is being shown although I know it is being used often.


Movie maker doesn’t allow to open .xesc files from Microsoft Encoder screen capture to edit. I have seen this file types are not supported by Windows Movie Maker. Any one has a suggestion on editing .xesc files ? Is Microsoft coming up with any updates for
Windows Movie Maker to edit XESC files ?

Mahesh Reddy

moviemaker plays pictures irratically, skipping about instead of in order and plays different picture durations also irratically

I made the fatal mistake of mistyping my hotmail password 3 times.

I then followed the link for the password reset, and tried to fill the on-line form: I received an automatic answer that I did not provide enough information.
I did not save a phone number, so I cannot have single use code texted.
I then tried with having a password recovery link sent to me to my secondary email accounts: this link never arrived.
I tried this last option (password recovery link via email) one more time, one week after… same thing, never arrived.
In essence, without the password recovery link, I am stuck.
Of course:
– I checked the spam in my secondary email (gmail), and no email from microsoft
– I checked if my account functions, and it does!
The issue might be that I had 2 password recovery emails – one was my former work email (not working any more) and one was gmail (fully working).
I contacted the live help (call center) but they don’t provide voice support.
What can I do?
Any way I can get a password recovery link sent to my gmail account?
PLEASE HELP – it is 2 weeks I am trying to access this account!