Outlook has exhausted all shared resources

I am hoping someone can help me shed some light on this error.  I believe it may have to do with version compatibility, or the method in which this process occurred.  Anway, here are the details to get the error.

Person A sends person B all their contacts by attaching the 200+ of them to an email.  User B then attempts to click and drag them to a new Contacts folder to store.  Randomly an error will pop up (somewhere between copying #2 and #10) that states, "outlook has exhausted all shared resources..."

Now person B is collecting contacts from several users, and has already collected them from users C and D and copied them into contacts folder without any problems.  So this appears to be related to person A.

I noted the contacts are marked "read-only" for some reason.

Also of note, is that you can't save them out of Outlook either.  You get a very generic "Outlook can't copy" message.

Person B has Outlook 2013, I am verifying Outlook version for Person A, it may be 2010.

I did a DDG/Google search and a Bing search in the MS community but can't find anything.  I also cleared out temp files, and checked drive space, etc... just to make sure it wasn't something simple like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.