Personal (local) folders are disappearing SOMETIMES

I use Win7 and MS Outlook 2013. It is a POP3 account.

When I open my client, some of my personal (locally stored) folders have disappeared.

Not All.

And sometimes the ones that were gone one day, show up the next day, and others that were visible one day disappear /sigh.

Some of my folders have Quick Steps set where I move mail to them. When I use a quick step to a "gone" folder it reappears like magic. When I MOVE items (by right mouse clicking) I can see the "gone" folders. I can move mail to them, but unfortunately this doesn't bring them back.

This can happen to folders within my "inbox" folder, or my <email name> folder level. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason.

I have NO archiving setup on anything.

I've noticed, that I when I create a NEW folder (under my email name) then exit outlook, all of my folders magically appear. It's really really annoying.

Can someone shed some light please ?

Thanks ... Jan H