this will be my only message.  all my address book entries have disappeared.   i asume this was because the tigers lost last nite.  that is the only change which has occurred since they were showing up. the help function in office 2013 is every bit as good
as the help funtion in previous versions.. i ask for help in geting my address book back and the help function asks me to view a video on some wierd unrelated thing.  nicrosoft is the worst compny i ave eveer dealt with.  i have spent over 30 hours trying
to fix bugs in my office 2013 applications.  i did get help oncefrom microsoft,  but i think they found out and firede him.  i have use office since its inception and not once in all that time has the help filr hrlped me.  the forums aren’t much better, but
if i have 20 free hours to spend time perusing them, i can sometimes find my answers.

i am a good customer of microsoft products but  get trested like a stepchild.  its too bad they have a monopoly on thee programs.  they live in the world of beta.  i ust reformaated to get rid of win 8.1 because it is unfixable unless i spend $100 or so
on buy the program instead of using the upgrade.  i now have a new mission in life.  i am going to make as much trouble aas i can to empty the world and microsoft of stupid, incompetant, lazy people who are unfamiliar with the phrase “customere service’

thiswill probably not be posted, but thats all right. i will spend the next 20 hours trying to get my address book in outlook 2013 beta.

I right-clicked on the sender’s email in an Outlook message and it asked if I wanted to add it to Contacts.  I said yes.  But when I went to compose an email to the person, it couldn’t find the contact.  It was not listed in my address book. 

I looked at some support ideas and thought I should search my Suggested Contacts list, and there it was.  I moved it to Contacts and all seems to be fine now, I just don’t understand why it was not added directly to Contacts.

Also, when looking through support material about not being able to find a contact, the article suggested that when I get to the search window I should use the drop down under address book and choose Suggested Contacts.  But that option did not appear.  It
would have been helpful if it had.

Any ideas?



I must be not be clicking a checkbox somewhere, or I did a bad import. I am trying to move from Windows Mail to Outlook 2013. All my emails are IMAP, so I reconnected to my IMAP server and downloaded messages. What I can’t seem to get Outlook to check is
the contacts. I exported my entire address book from Windows Mail to a CSV file. I imported that CSV file into Outlook. In the People tab, I see all my contacts. When I start a new email, I type a nickname, but it doesn’t find anything. When I click on TO:,
no addresses show. I went into my account settings, and the only address book is “Outlook MAPI.” When I click on change, the popup shows the “Contacts: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***” and it says what I need to do to designated a Contacts folder as an Outlook Address book. I
checked that, and the box is grayed out and checked for “Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book.”

Why can’t I get Outlook to check my Contacts lists when I start typing a name? Even if I finish typing and then click send, it will say the name is not found. What am I missing?

I am unable to add new members from my address book or Outlook Contacts to an existing Contact Group. I keep getting the message "Could not complete the operation because the service provider does not support it."

I stopped using Windows Live mail for my business as I have 10,000 contacts and when I start typing an email into the TO field , it took forever to find a match, I think is searches on Live to find a match and this is not workable for me, very disappointing.

Is there a way to make it search the local address book only, like the OLD WAB in Outlook express.

I have found a new email client that has met most of my expectations
and I have reserved Windows Live email client for my Hotmail, gmail and other personal accounts, just not suitable for business beacuse of the address book, which slows me down.

Sometimes I type an email address and it puts in another address changing who I am sending to, this is very annoying

Otherwise the interface is nice.

In Outlook 2010 there was an easy to access function to update a contact in my contact list from my corporate Global Address List.  This was very helpful when someone transferred from one organization or site to another, for example.  I cannot find that
capability in Outlook 2013.

Does anyone know how to do this in Outlook 2013?  I am using Professional Plus.

Thank you.


I have a user running Office 2010 via HTTP (Outlook Anywhere, connected to Exchange 2010), which also connects to a Public Folder containing various contacts / groups.

They can enable each of the Contacts to have them displayed in their local address book, however that check box is automatically un-ticked after an unknown amount of time (it does not seem to relate to restarting Outlook, or rebooting the PC)

Has anyone come across this before? It looks to work fine for machines which are connected to Exchange via TCP/IP, so it seems to be related to Outlook Anywhere.

Is there a registry key, or another option of enabling the check box so that it remains active for machine that are off network?

We are setting up 3 new systems and closing down two 2003 XP systems.  One of our old systems (my wife’s computer) has outlook express as an email application (using a POP3 server) and we want to transfer the address book contacts and the folders (containing
email messages) she has used over the past years to a new win 8.1 system using outlook 2013 (from Office 365 Home), we are setting up IMAP email accounts.   I assume this will be similar to the process I used when I transferred the same data from my old system
that was using Outlook as an email handler.  I found two files, I think they were PST files one for address book contacts and folders and the other with archive data and loaded those on an external disk and them imported them into our new win 8.1 system. 
I am not sure what files to use on the outlook express system and if they will work on the new Outlook application.  Help.  Thanks in advance,   Ed

I am setting up some new systems using win 8.1 and office 365.  I moved the outlook data files from my old system (XP, office 2003, outlook) and have all of my folders from the previous outlook in my new system under personal folders.  Also when I try
to look for a contact list on the new outlook 2013, I can only find it under my contacts, contacts-personal folders — when I select this I get a list of all my old contacts.  However I cannot figure out how to get this list of contacts into my address book
so I can use the addresses for writing emails.  When I go to address book it gives me the choice of looking for contacts in "this computer" or either of my two email accounts (gmail or  but not a choice where I can select personal folders which
is where they are at.  I moved these same old outlook data files into another win 8 laptop also with office 365 and somehow the contacts on that system are in the address book — I don’t know how I did that or if it just happened.  What do I need to do, any
advice will be appreciated.    Ed

I have Outlook 2010.  I have several email accounts within Outlook each with their own address book linked to a specific email account. I want to merge them all into one (this computer only).  How do I do that?

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This just happened again today.  Can I even fix this?


I use with a paid hotmail account I have had for years.

My own hotmail address is listed in my contacts with all my other emails addresses of my other contacts or address book. So if an email is sent to all my contacts I get a copy also.


Anyway I noticed in my junk email folder that an email was sent today to most if not all of my contacts.

There is a link to click to open but I have not done so in case it’s not safe. There is also something about

“*** Email address is removed for privacy ***”


I did not send this email to anyone myself. This is happening about once every two weeks.  And I assumed someone got my email password. So each time I changed it but it happens again.


Any suggestions?



we have a problem in the organization I work, the problem is that over time our users have created their own address book for themselves (Contact / Personal Address Book ) .

Now, due to the usage of smartphones and address book synchronization with the mobile phone, I need to synchronize (after the fact) the local address book with data in Exchange / Active Directory, mainly to complete the picture
of the contact but also for other purposes.

Is there a way or tool update all contacts with the data from the Active Directory / exchange in one operation?

Thanks in advance,