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Phantom Outlook data

Best Buy is offering USD 100.00 trade in value for my for my old XP business laptop.

So I moved the data files to a newer laptop, and then deleted the data files from the old laptop.

I also deleted the entire MS Office 2007 program, and a bunch of other stuff too.

Then I defragged the HDD, wiped the free space on the HDD, and rebooted a few times during the process.


HOWEVER, when I do a search for ‘outlook‘ using Windows Search,  12,000 emails, calendar entries and addresses are available to view.

I have searched C: over and over, I cannot find any pst or archive files.

I have deleted even more more stuff

Rebooted, defragged, and wiped

And the data is still there!


I would delete everything from C:, but Best Buy needs to see XP operating on the laptop.


Any advice would be appreciated.


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