I recently had to replace my hard drive. When Best Buy re-installed my office programs for some reason I cannot get Outlook to perform as before. I use Windows 7 x64 Pro upgrade and Microsoft office 2010

I have several email accounts I use and connect them with Outlook and the exchange server. I also have a business account that I was able to connect before and had localized sub-folders I set up and did not have to subscribe to the server. Now, it is requiring me to subscribe these to the server. So I did. However, following all steps I was previously told about going in to the dialog box to make sure all folders were subscribed. My folders still didn't show up. In fact, the only was that is there is my Inbox. I never had issues like this before. I'm unable to import my older account folders because of the way Outlook is set up. After doing some research, Best Buy re-installed everything but did it as an upgrade not a clean install, which I believe is where my problems are coming from. I need my folders. I can't effectively do my work without them. 

Please someone help me.

My previous hard drive had a mechanical error. Is there any way to do a restore on this new hard drive with a system image back up I had created just prior to my hard drive being replaced?

Best Buy is offering USD 100.00 trade in value for my for my old XP business laptop.

So I moved the data files to a newer laptop, and then deleted the data files from the old laptop.

I also deleted the entire MS Office 2007 program, and a bunch of other stuff too.

Then I defragged the HDD, wiped the free space on the HDD, and rebooted a few times during the process.


HOWEVER, when I do a search for ‘outlook‘ using Windows Search,  12,000 emails, calendar entries and addresses are available to view.

I have searched C: over and over, I cannot find any pst or archive files.

I have deleted even more more stuff

Rebooted, defragged, and wiped

And the data is still there!


I would delete everything from C:, but Best Buy needs to see XP operating on the laptop.


Any advice would be appreciated.


I purchased Office for Mac 2011 from Best Buy about 18 months ago.
I installed and used it, except I chose to NOT use the Outlook, opting to use Mac's iMail instead.

I've now decided to move to Outlook, and cannot get it to work.
I typed in the product key from the original package, which worked fine when I first used it. 
 But now I get this error message: 

The product key is not valid. Make sure that you entered the correct key.  If the key doesn't work, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support.

How can I fix this?


Jason Beighley

I just picked up a new laptop last evening from Best Buy which the Geek Squad configured for me.  Last night the Office applications were usable.  Today I can't open any (Word, Excel, Outlook) apps.  A window opens stating an update in is process and to try later.  This was at 6:00am this morning...it is now 11:00am and I still can't use these applications.

I'm trying to export thousands of old emails from folders in Win Vista Mail app (on Lenovo) to my new Outlook on Asus.  Outlook is set up and all new emails flowing properly.  I have exported & imported all contacts (ugly, but it worked).  Multiple trips to Best Buy for help.  When trying to export into MS Exchange format, and unrecoverable error pops up.  One article I found says I can possibly do it if I have Outlook installed on Vista machine.  (My version of Office came w/o Outlook.)


Is there workaround?  If not, is it possible to get temp copy of outlook for Vista machine just to do export, then remove?

For some time now, I never receive emails from Amazon when I purchase items, I used to all the time. Also I do not get emails from my son and my car club and they are in my safe senders list. Also this past weekend Best Buy was to email a receipt to me and Home Depot was to mail a contract to me. In both cases I did not receive them after numerous attempts and had to use an alternate email address to get them. This is very annoying and I am at wits end. I have no blocked users, no rules, no forwarding. PLease help