Recently a phone sync problem seemingly deleted a lot of my contacts. However, I’m not 100% sure that they’re actually gone. Every time I add what I think is a “deleted” contact, Outlook offers to update what I already have, even though that particular contact’s
info doesn’t appear in the list, which to me seems to say that the “deleted” contacts have simply been made “invisible”. So the question is, how do I get those contacts which are no longer displayed in my Contact list to re-appear? Is there
a tool that will do it automatically?


Win 7 Pro, Office 365 University. Win 7 clean install on new Lenovo computer.

I have 3 email accounts via Comcast. I also setup an account.

Ultimate goal: Synchronize contacts and calendar between desktop, and windows phone.

Immediate goal: Get the contacts to synchronize between desktop and office. com (because I’ve got to start somewhere with the synchronization).

Problem: On desktop, I imported calendar and contacts successfully from Office 2003. I have the old contacts on the desktop and on, but they do not synch.

On XP computer I had only one calendar and contact list. I now have 4 of each, which leaves me a bit confused.

However, all I want to do for now is to get one of the contact lists on the desktop to synchronize with All my attempts at doing this have failed.



So I have a couple of computers running Outlook 2010 Pro. It is just a small business network with 5 computers on it, nothing remarkable about it. I want to synchronize a contact list between two of the computers. Manually doing an export from one computer
and importing it on another is certainly an option. One computer will have to get periodically “refreshed” with changes to the contact list via export. However, since both computers are on the same network it seems there should be an easier way. I would be
perfectly happy if computer A had a read-only contact list that is “linked” to the corresponding contact list on computer B that is refreshed once per day/week/as needed.

Is there a fairly straightforward way to accomplish without turning it into a major project or purchasing 3rd party software? If so, how would I go about accomplishing this?

I need to create a new contact list, and use the User Defined Fields from a primary contact list that already exists.  I guess said another way, each time I add a new contact list, I want to add new contacts by using the same custom layout and fields that
I use for my primary contact list.  But when I right-click and choose Properties/General tab/When posting to this folder, use: on my new list, it only has the option of using IPM.Contact.  The custom fields and layout that I created for the
primary list, is not included in the dropdown box.  I need all 40 or so of the user-defined fields that are already created for my primary list, and just don’t want to have to recreate them all.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I have tried everything.  All of my contacts are there under people online at  If I start an email and start typing in the to: space it fills in the contact but there are no contact list to be able to view, change, or edit or add new.  Should
I download a different mail program.  I have tried the export import nothing works.  I have saved the excel .CVC file and tried dragging it into the folder, that does not work either.  I have also gone on the people app and tried importing the contacts that
way and it can’t find my account, all though my password and email are correct.  I got a new window 8.1 computer. The windows live mail on my new computer is really different.  I know others are having this problem because I read it but the answers I have
read don’t work. 

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This afternoon, my office Contacts list disappeared.  I still have a list entitled Contacts (This computer only) but now it cannot be searched and it will not return any information on search requests.  My address book is still present, but the office Contact
list is not there.

Did Microsoft do a revision to office 2013 that caused the Outlook Contacts file to disappear?

I often use the’add to contacts’ option from emails to add to my contact list. Up to now this has worked well, but today I did the same thing and it then converted all the message classes in the mail folder to IPM.Contact when it should read as IPM.notes

Has anyone had this happen to them and what can I do to convert these back to the email form?

In Outlook 2010 there was an easy to access function to update a contact in my contact list from my corporate Global Address List.  This was very helpful when someone transferred from one organization or site to another, for example.  I cannot find that
capability in Outlook 2013.

Does anyone know how to do this in Outlook 2013?  I am using Professional Plus.

Hi, I am not sure that the word ‘update’ is what I need.  When I access Outlook, there are 4 categories from which to choose, i.e., Mail, People, mail, calendar, and tasks.  As I recall, when I first started using ‘people’ in Outlook, my contact list appeared—no
more and it may be due to my attempts to sync programs from my 5S IPhone to my DT Outlook as now when I select ‘people,’ I get the same thing as when I click on ‘Mail’ and that is a list of emails received.  Further, ‘Tasks’ brings up nothing and that is probably
due to my lack of understanding on how to use ‘notes, ‘reminder’ on the IPhone and ‘Tasks’ that comes with Outlook.  And, I have yet to find a way to find my contact list in Outlook, although I do find them in ICloud and would rather use Outlook.  Any help
will be appreciated.  Semper Fi Ben

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My existing Contacts List are already large in number and I do not want to add to the list unnecessarily. As a Membership Secretary of a Group I wish to Create a Group Listing with all the members’ email addresses in but I
do not want to add all 80 plus names to the existing Contacts List I have as most of the 80 odd are not the people I would normally add to my Personal Contact List.

A work around appears to be is to list the emails in a word doc and highlight, copy and past into the ‘To’ ‘cc’ or ‘Bcc’ whenever I wish to email them – is that the simplest it gets or is there an easier way – I have Windows Live Mail 2011

All replies put in simple english (not too technical please) appreciated.

Richard H

I may have deleted a contact from a shared contact list.   When I do a search the contact that was there moments ago is no longer there.

I looked for the contact in the recover deleted items under my folders than and there are items there but no sign of the missing contact item.

When I look in the folder where I have shared permission the Recover deleted items is greyed out.

Does this mean I don’t have access or does it mean it was emptied by the owner?

I work daily in two Outlook mailboxes – one personal at work, the other primarily for external customer communications.

I want to have both mailbox contact lists to mirror each other – automatically preferred, but manual (push-button) will still work.

Another solution would be to maintain one contact list and push the list into the other mailbox – but I’m not sure the best way to do that either.

Any assistance or advice will be appreciated.


David W. Lachnicht

Hey. I have two pop accounts and two imap accounts added to outlook. I use only the contact list as it is then accessible on all my mobile devices. beautiful, love it. However, now outlook is adding seemingly random contacts to my pop (shaw)
contacts list. I do use the shaw contacts list as a way to import but move them out pretty quick. it, the shaw contact list, now has more contacts than my contacts list! what is going on and how do I make it stop?