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Unable to synchronize contacts–desktop and office.com

Win 7 Pro, Office 365 University. Win 7 clean install on new Lenovo computer.

I have 3 email accounts via Comcast. I also setup an Office.com account.

Ultimate goal: Synchronize contacts and calendar between desktop, office.com and windows phone.

Immediate goal: Get the contacts to synchronize between desktop and office. com (because I’ve got to start somewhere with the synchronization).

Problem: On desktop, I imported calendar and contacts successfully from Office 2003. I have the old contacts on the desktop and on office.com, but they do not synch.

On XP computer I had only one calendar and contact list. I now have 4 of each, which leaves me a bit confused.

However, all I want to do for now is to get one of the contact lists on the desktop to synchronize with outlook.com. All my attempts at doing this have failed.



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