Outlook will not let me attach any files to my email. I have tried several times, different files, different sizes. I am on Win7 IE10, I have fully updated and re-started, twice.


The attachment routine allows me to select the file, it loads as normal and when complete it comes up with the error “There was an error attaching this file”. The only option is “remove”.




Is there any way the domain part of a student email can be re-branded/moved after they leave College? 

When our students leave I would like them to keep there accounts/skydrive etc but no longer have the college domain included in their email address or have their acount managed by  the college.



I can almost never get my attachments button to work on my emails. It is super frustrating and I can barely use this email now. I click on the paper clip over and over and it very rarely works

I can not change my Email. I get no mail and the new style of MSN no body likes it, We want the old MSN and I would like a Email. Please send feed back to me on this Email:Yasmin3355@hotmail.co.uk.

From Danielle

Is there a number we can call to report our email is down or not able to connect?

I used to be able to cut and paste text within/between messages when composing an email but I can't, now. Why not and how can I fix it, please?

The text of all my Outlook Express emails, incoming and outgoing, is wrapped up as an attachment. When I forward an email, the attachment is lost! How can I stop this happening?  

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Nao recebos mais meus emails, gostaria de saber como faço para poder parar de usar o outllok, quero meus email de volta!

Hello hi, 


I have an android phone and I am trying to set up my exchange email and I am unable to get it to work.  I have followed the directions that the help gives me and I am still unable to get it to work.  Can someone help me figure this out!?

Not receiving email even though I m far away from my storage limit

Is there a way to switch back to an older view of Outlook? I can't stand how it "stacks" messages. I would rather have each email listed individually, as I keep missing original messages that people have replied to before I have read them.  Also, I hate how when you forward, it stacks that in as well.  I have had a few scares where I though a forwarded e-mail went to the original sender because of the way the names appear in the stack–which wouldn't be a ggod thing.

When i print an email the font is unreasonably small