I have an account with 20 folders imported from previous version of Outlook.  I can not change the view settings for ALL folders in one place.  I have to go through every single folder, click on View Settings, click on Group By and click on this installed
setting to have it NOT group according to arrangement,  Isn’t there some simple way to apply this to the email account or at the very least the Inbox and any folders within it ?????


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I lost my personalized email folders in Outlook 2013 after trying to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8,1. I am still using Windows 8 & I had to refresh my computer. After the refresh I cannot find my email folders except for the basic inbox etc. I cannot
find any of my old emails prior to the refresh. How do I find these old emails?


Hello All,

Here is an interesting issue that we are running into. I will give as many details as possible to assist with the issue. 

We recently migrated to Office 365 using on prem to sync with AD. One of our team who has a very high email volume has turned a DL into a shared mailbox to mitigate some of the internal traffic that was going on. This is going well, however here are some
issues that we are currently running into.

Sometimes the users will move sub-folders inside of other subfolders unintentionally. For example structure is as follows (all Items are subfolders of “Inbox”) so they might move Inbox–>Subfolder1 into Inbox–>Subfolder2 so it would be Inbox–>Subfolder1–Subfolder2
tree hierarchy. Then they would state they couldn’t see it. Normally I would move it via OWA but some of the sub folders have 5k+ email items and I find that I end up having to re-create the folder in OWA and move the emails to new folder I created so they
can see the folder instantly. 

My question is, is there any way to manually download the folder list or subfolder list? I have tried the following.

1) Almost every option in “Send receive” tab including Work Offline.

2) Closed out of outlook client & reopened.

What are my options in dealing with cached exchange mode not updating the folder/subfolder listing in a quick manner? I have researched all over and most people state to re-create the ost….that isn’t a viable option in this case scenario.

Any/all assistance is appreciated. Thanks for the help in advance!

Office 2010 & 2013 affected. Exchange using MS Office 365.

Windows 7 & 8

I just installed the new Office 365 on my computer.  The calendar show two folders and one folder has a subfolder.

 My Calendars

        Calendars from iCloud




How do I get just one calendar with all appointments to show on both iPhone and MS Outlook Calendar?

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How can I rearrange the order of the folders in my Inbox.  There are several there and I would like to change the order.  Dragging them in the same Inbox folder doesn’t do it.

Original title: Folders in Live Mail Inbox

I create individual folders in Outlook 2013 for each project I’m working on. These folders can contain hundreds of emails.

Once the project is complete, I’d like to move that folder of emails from Outlook to a folder on my hard drive to be accessed later, so I can archive it with other project documents and drawings. I would think this would be a simple drag and drop, but that
doesn’t work. I’ve searched the internet for a solution, and have found various add-in programs, but is there a way to do this with Outlook alone?? Thanks.

I recently had to replace my hard drive. When Best Buy re-installed my office programs for some reason I cannot get Outlook to perform as before. I use Windows 7 x64 Pro upgrade and Microsoft office 2010

I have several email accounts I use and connect them with Outlook and the exchange server. I also have a business account that I was able to connect before and had localized sub-folders I set up and did not have to subscribe to the server. Now, it is requiring
me to subscribe these to the server. So I did. However, following all steps I was previously told about going in to the dialog box to make sure all folders were subscribed. My folders still didn’t show up. In fact, the only was that is there is my Inbox. I
never had issues like this before. I’m unable to import my older account folders because of the way Outlook is set up. After doing some research, Best Buy re-installed everything but did it as an upgrade not a clean install, which I believe is where my problems
are coming from. I need my folders. I can’t effectively do my work without them. 

Please someone help me.

My previous hard drive had a mechanical error. Is there any way to do a restore on this new hard drive with a system image back up I had created just prior to my hard drive being replaced?

We recently switched to Office 365 for Outlook email.

I have an archive I have to use with hundreds of folders and sub-folders.

Each time i start mail I have to re-open all of the sub folders now to get access.

How can I make it auto-open the folders/subs, or can Outlook remember which were open at the time when I closed email?


I sort my messages into folders in outlook and have three sub-folders under Inbox. Whenever I try to use instant search in my sub-folders, outlook displays no results. An instant search on Inbox works perfectly.

Please note that the indexing was complete. I also reinstalled outlook and rebuilt the index from the control panel but search still fails. Also note that this is a re-occurring issue. The search works at times and not at others.

I have attached a screenshot of the failed search. Please take a look and advise.

This just started a couple of weeks ago. I’m running Outlook 14.4.1 on Mavericks 10.9.3, but before I updated, the problem occurred. The sub-folders just disappear after Outlook is open for a while. There appears to be no specific time and my RAM situation
doesn’t seem to be an issue. The folders come back if I quit and relaunch Outlook, but nothing I do makes them want to stick around. 

Rebuilding the database doesn’t help; neither does dumping .plists or prefs. Any ideas?

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I created a folder in Windows Live Mail with about six subfolders.

I was able to use these folders daily for about two years.

I was able to export and import them between my laptop and desktop computers.

They behaved exactly as the folders provided with the original equipment (Dell Inspiron 1545).

After some two years of constant, daily  use, the main folder simply disappeared with all its subfolders (along with two years of work).

I have read the saved threads with this same title to no avail.

Can you help?

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–> 1  All the folders & emails are still in my email on my phone… I have the names of the folders. I have not synced my phone, as I am afraid that I will then lose those folders again. I would appreciate help with this matter, as there are important emails
I need, for reimbursement, (over $200), amoung other issues, topics, & concerns.

Should I forward all the emails from the phone to my other email account & then forward them again back to LIVE MAIL?

Thank you!

Since a week or two week I’ve problems with the navigation pane. I have had outlook 2013 for about 9 months now and I didn’t have any problems till now.

Folders disappear from the navigation pane. Sometimes all folders disappear, sometimes only some folders disappear. For example only the Inbox is shown or only Sent items and Deleted items. This happens in the favorites section too. I put for example inbox,
sent items and deleted items in the favorites section but after some time they will all be removed from the section.

It’s very weird. When I startup outlook often all folders are shown in the first second but the next second randomly some folders might disappear. It does not happen at every startup. Therefore restarting outlook often helps, except for the favorites section.
Once a folder has disappeared from the favorites section it doesn’t show up again. So I have to do the recovery of the favorites section myself.

(The configured account type is POP.)

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I use Win7 and MS Outlook 2013. It is a POP3 account.

When I open my client, some of my personal (locally stored) folders have disappeared.

Not All.

And sometimes the ones that were gone one day, show up the next day, and others that were visible one day disappear /sigh.

Some of my folders have Quick Steps set where I move mail to them. When I use a quick step to a “gone” folder it reappears like magic. When I MOVE items (by right mouse clicking) I can see the “gone” folders. I can move mail to them, but unfortunately this
doesn’t bring them back.

This can happen to folders within my “inbox” folder, or my <email name> folder level. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason.

I have NO archiving setup on anything.

I’ve noticed, that I when I create a NEW folder (under my email name) then exit outlook, all of my folders magically appear. It’s really really annoying.

Can someone shed some light please ?

Thanks … Jan H