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I have a client that can not get new email in Outlook 2013 unless he changes his folder to a different folder and then back to the Inbox. This will cause Outlook to perform a sync. I have tried to create a new send and receive group. I have also set the
root folder to inbox. Any other suggestions. The IMAP did appear to work OK with a different mail host. We just recently change. We have also checked with the new mail host to make sure that we have all the right settings.

How do I turn off (disable) “IDLE” for my IMAP email accounts in Outlook 2010 (SP2 MSO (14.0.7015.1000)?

I can find how to do this with every other email application except for MS Outlook.

I want the advantages of synchronization and emails remaining on the server that IMAP provides (and I use “idle” in my email notifier) but in the case of Outlook 2010 I do not want email “pushed” to my inbox but would rather only receive them when I request
“new” mail. Therefore I would like to disable IDLE for my IMAP accounts in Outlook which can be done with every other email application that I know of.  If I can disable the “IDLE” function for IMAP accounts then the emails would not arrive until I requested
to receive them. (Note: in my case since I do not leave Outlook running, the ability to disable “idle” would solve the issue regarding the desktop “alert” failing to work in Outlook regarding IMAP emails that have otherwise already been “pushed” to the inbox
as I prefer to request “new” mail)

The only thing I’ve been able to find after literally days of searching the web was below but this is wrong because
this does not disable “IDLE” for Outlook 2010 as I still get emails “pushed” to my inbox.

How to disable IDLE processes generated by mail clients

Microsoft Outlook 2010:

Step 1: Send/Receive (tab) > Send/Receive Groups > Define Send/Receive Groups.
Step 2: For each Group, Uncheck, Schedule an automatic send/receive every x minutes.
Step 3: Click Close button.

I have all the latest updates applied to my Outlook 2010.

PLEASE HELP anyone and thanks in advance.

atmc is a rural cooperative. e-mail recently changed to IMAP; then atmc sold wireless component to ATT.  I have outlook with the Microsoft office package.  E-mail now goes to Outlook when my additional e-mail account is @atmc.net.  Used before without problem. 
Now user address and password

does not work. Outlook screened will not sync.

No one at local coop is helpful.  Seems so simple; but can not get answer.   Help!


I have IMAP access to a Gmail account with Outlook 2013 from Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 on Windows 7. (In addition, I have an iPad and an iPhone that accesses this same Gmail account.) I’m beginning to see the same e-mail message in the Trash
folder replicated anywhere from ten to twenty times. They all have the same time stamp. But when I go to Gmail with a web browser, the replicated messages do not appear in the Trash folder. I permanently delete all the replicated messages in the Trash.

Six hours later, I go over a second computer set aside for experimenting and I install Outlook 2013 from Microsoft Office Professional 2014 and access the same Gmail account using IMAP. After waiting for the subscribed folders to synchronize, I see a new
message replicated twenty times with the same time in the Trash folder, but it does not appear in gmail.com.

So then I uninstall Outlook 2013 and delete the .ost files and install the older version of Outlook 2010. After setting up the same Gmail account with IMAP access and synchronizing the folders, I get a newer e-mail replicated thirty times in the Trash folder
and two other e-mails replicated twenty times.

What is causing this to happen?

I have just migrated my personal POP3 email to IMAP having had a business IMAP email account already linked to Outlook.

The change has worked for emails but the personal calendar facility is not showing neither are the personal Notes or personal  Contacts as the PC only sees the business IMAP account folders.

How do I get the PC to show the personal calendar and contacts and notes folders?
Thanks, Chris 


I have a GoDaddy email IMAP account set up on Outlook 2013.

I want to change the account from IMAP to POP3. Mainly because it takes too long to synchronize, email stuck in Outbox and not sent, not receiving emails on time and various pop ups.

If I create a new email account (same address as IMAP account) with POP3 settings how can I configure it so that the new email I receive gets saved on the .ost file and not any other new file? 

If the above doesn’t work …will I have to export the emails using the export wizard to create a new .pst file? And them import the new .pst file into the new email account.

please help 

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Trotz korrekter Serverinformationen ist ein Versand über IMAP bei GMX nicht mehr möglich seit heute abend (27.03.2014; ca 17Uhr)  Laut GMX ist dies ein internes Outlook Problem und durch GMX nicht zu lösen, die Anmeldeinformationen und Server sind alle korrekt und auch alternativ getestet.

3 Tage später ging es auf einmal wieder. Obwohl ich nichts geändert habe. Wie kann ich diesen Fehler beheben?

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Recently upgraded to Outlook 2013. Was able to set up gmail account as IMAP on new computer and pulled all e-mails. However, now, every time I hit send/receive, it takes greater than 10 minutes to synch up. I have seen many discussions on point, but I
have not been able to find an working answer. Thanks!

I have this problem on both an iMac and a MacBookPro. Both with same version of Outlook and running MacOS10.7.5

When I delete messages from the Inbox they go away but reappear a few seconds/minutes later. This only happens with an IMAP account managed by Network Solutions. I also have a standard Mac account (also IMAP) and this problem does not happen. Sometimes,
if I open the message and then delete it, it does not reappear in the Inbox, but when I look at the trash, I will have multiple copies of the same trashed message. I have talked to Network Solutions multiple times, but they only “reset” the account and after
a few minutes, the problem reappears. This issue does not happen when I open/check this IMAP account with an iPad/iPhone. I am trying to diagnose if the problem is an Outlook problem or if it is a Network Solutions problem. I was about to close the Network
Solutions IMAP account and open it at another email provider, but I am not sure who is at fault.

Thank you very much for your help.

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ich habe ein imap email account. diesen syncronisiere ich mit dem outlook von office 2013. leider nur in eine richtung. vom email account zum outlook. wenn ich änderungen im outlook vornehme, werden diese nicht zum email account übertragen/syncronisiert.

woran kann das liegen?


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am at a loss as to what to do.

I use Outlook from Office 365 on a PC connected to internet mail servers – no Exchange Server.

Traditionally I have 4 mail accounts (POP) for different purposes, but am fed up doing multiple reads/deletes etc across my PC, tablet and phone since actioning on one device doesn’t affect the others.  So I want to convert the main accounts to IMAP (2 of
the mail services (low usage) don’t presently offer IMAP so I have to keep them as POP).  I wanted to experiment first so I set up 2 IMAP accounts, which work fine – but:

  •  On my PC in OUTLOOK all my POP accounts use the same data file and I can move mail from any incoming POP account from my inbox into the same storage folder, so these folders are shared across all my POP accounts.  But my IMAP accounts store data in different
    .OST files, so I can’t see the storage folders I created in 1 IMAP account in the other – can I combine the .OST files and will this allow me to access the folders from either IMAP account?
  • . My POP data files are .PST and the IMAP files are .OST.  If the item above is solved,
    • can I store new POP mail in .OST files in common with the IMAP mail
    • Can I access the .PST folders with my historic data from Outlook while using new .OST folders.

IF I can solve these problems I would then convert as many of my existing Mail accounts as possible from POP to IMAP.

OR — IF I am going about this wrongly and there’s a better way to run IMAP, please tell me

I am using Windows 7 on both desktop and laptop. There are 3 email accounts which are set up IMAP. With two of these three accounts the emails in the inbox are deleted after 14 days. Emails from other folders and the other account are not deleted. This
does not happen with the similar setup on my desktop. The deletion is carried through to delete the mails off the server. Please help me find the setting to stop this auto deletion of the emails.