When I delete from the Inbox a copy goes to Deleted Items folder but the email is just scored through in the Inbox. I cannot remove them. How can I remove the ‘deleted messages, preferably automatically?

I have just installed the OS and data from XP after a crash. The personal folders and address folders seem to be not related either

Hi all!

As the title says, my question is regarding how to create a shared inbox in Outlook, but without deletting each individual folder/inbox for each account, as it happens in my mobile’s mail app, where I have a shared folder with different colors depending
where it comes from and then I can select individual folders.

I have searched in the comunity and also in Google but can’t find anything, all I’ve found involves creating a new shared folder, but I believe that then I wouldn’t have separate accounts.

I am using POP in all my accounts.

Hope I explain myself clear.

Thank you very much!!

I have an IMAP email that works perfectly fine on all my computers except one.  The only thing I do not receive emails in my inbox.  I have checked the views and deleted and added the account several times.  I do not get any errors.  What can it be?

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I have a problem where I have transferred an account from one pc using 2003 to another pc using 2013

I have deleted the account (pop) from the old machine and I am not bothered about transferring psts eetc.

When I have setup the new pc , I get previews of emails coming in but they don’t appear in my inbox

I can send things fine – its just my inbox

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Whenever I get an email from one person in our company, the email goes into the inbox, sits there for about 30 secs then goes to the Junk folder (not Junk email, just Junk.) 

If I then drag it from Junk back to the Inbox, same thing happens.

I’ve put this person on the safe sender but doesn’t help though. And there are no rules in place that might affect the email.

Am using Outlook on Office 365 Pro Plus.

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I am using Outlook – I delete messages from my inbox  but a line is drawn thru the message and it stays on the inbox page; How can I remove them from the inbox?

we used Outlook 2010, and our e-mail server is hosted outside the company. Nowadays, in some computers, there is a difference between time in inbox and time in sent . for example, we sent e-mail at 10:40, the delivery report shows 10:40 but it bearing in
sent at 11:40. on the other hand, when we open mailbox from internet explorer through OWA, the inbox and sent time are correct. We release Microsoft fix it 51015 but still no change happened. could you please help us. we used Windows 7or xp


i have two email accounts which are attached to my outlook. my second account i have in outlook was working fine and then one day i noticed that there were multiple inboxes being created. it looks like there is no plain old ‘inbox’ but there are about a
hundred ‘inbox 1’ ‘Inbox 1.1″ ‘inbox 1.1.1″ and so on. they are all listed below each other. i have tried to delete them all one by one but they just reappear more and more each time i open up outlook.

any ideas??? 

Just installed Outlook Max 2011 on brand new macbook air

When I “send/receive all” All it shows is “updating server” and “download attachements” but I don’t get any new mail in my inbox.

Oddly, I DO get the latest sent mails.


Webmail shows new email but never appears in Outlook client inbox

I can remove the account and re-add the account, inbox will show all correspondence up to that time but still doesn’t receive any new emails after

I was using version 14.3.9 when this first happened, updated to 14.4.1 and the issue still persists

Can anyone help me resolve this ?



This is an annoying problem for about the past month. If I start outlook while the computer is under load (right after boot for example) outlook 2013 will open without fully loading my outlook.com account. What I’m left with is an inbox and a sent items
folder, sometimes it loads nothing, not even the inbox and removes the inbox from my favorites section. I have over 50 subfolders on my outlook.com account.

The problem is remedied with a close and restart of outlook 2013. I have to manually add the inbox back to my favorites folder.

One time this happened and caused missing email from my inbox of outlook 2013, yet the email was in the inbox if I logged into outlook.com.

It happened twice today and seems to be more frequent.

Any suggestions?

windows 8.1 64

Office 15.0.4605.1003



I am using Outlook 2011 connected through an Exchange Server… For some reason emails that are moved to a folder (any folder) or that are in the inbox suddenly disappears. It is a very random thing. You don’t know that an email is gone until you go searching
for one. I searched all through outlook and nothing was found. Then I logged into OWA and went to the deleted items folder and right clicked on it. I clicked on Recover deleted items and the emails are sitting right there. I had recover the emails to put them
back in my inbox. No one has been able to give me a answer to why this happens.

Here are somethings that I did to try to fix the problem with no luck.

1.Created a New Identity

2.Changed Domain password just in case I had an old device that was no longer in service.

3.Used OWA  (no client at all) for for a week and I didn’t notice the problem.

4.No rules setup

Any help I could get one be great.

I have started using Outlook 2013.   When I move an email from my inbox to a folder for storage, the original email remains in the inbox. The action to "move" results in a copy. If I delete the email from my inbox, it also disappears from my storage folder. How can I set up Outlook 2013 to enable me to MOVE an email FROM my inbox TO a folder?   This was not a problem with previous versions of Outlook