Hallo, ich bin neu hier und hoffe auf Hilfe.

Ich nenutze Windows 7 und Outlook2013. 

Mobilgerät: iPhone5

Kontoeinstellungen am PC:

*** Die E-Mail-Adresse wurde aus Datenschutzgründen entfernt. ***, Typ Exchange ActiveSync

E-Mail: blue406-m.hotmail.com

Test: positive

Account im phone:

*** Die E-Mail-Adresse wurde aus Datenschutzgründen entfernt. ***

Mail, Kontakte, Kalender, Erinnerungen – an

Mein Problem:

Kalendereinträge werden nur vom PC zum iphone synchronisiert. Eingaben im iphone werden nicht an den üotlook Kalender übertragen.

Vielen Dank im Voraus für eure Unterstützung.E


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I have an Iphone 5S and a windows laptop running windows live mail. If I put in an event in windows calendar it will sync to my Iphone but when I put in an event on my Iphone calendar it will not sync to my laptop. All mail and everything works well. Thanks

habe neuen Laptop, Windows 7 mit Office 2013. die Synchronisation funktioniert insoweit, daß alle kontakte ein beide Richtungen Outlook u iPhone via iTunes ausgetauscht werden. Jedoch werden die Kalenderdaten nur von Outlook ans iPhone übertragen, nicht

synchronisiere mit kabel, ohne wLan und nicht über die cloud!

woran liegt das? was ist zutun?

I had my outlook 2012 mail linked to my iPhone.  While my iPhone continued to receive and send email, my laptop stopped receiving any new mail and will not send new messages.  At various times, the above error codes show up when I try to update email folders
on my laptop.   I turned off all email on my iPhone, but that did not change anything on my laptop; the same problem(s) persist with sending/receiving email.  I am running Windows 7.


Bis vor kurzem funktionierte die Synchronisation meines Iphones mit dem Outlook Kalender immer tadellos. Dann habe ich aufs Versehen auf etwas geklickt und folgendes Problem entstand:

Die Daten vom Outlook Kalender werden aufs Iphone übertragen, jedoch werden die Ereignisse, welche ich im Iphone eingetippt habe, nicht in den Outlook Kalender übertragen.

Weis jemand, was das Problem sein könnte?

Besten Dank 🙂

I have just got a new laptop with Office 2013 (Windows 7) installed on it and a new email address hosted on the 1&1 server. I have added the email address to my iPhone 4 as a ‘pop’ email account. I can receive emails on both my iPhone and my laptop, however
there is no syncing between them – i.e. when I read or delete an email on my iPhone, it remains ‘unread’ on my laptop.

Please can you tell me how to fix this annoying situation?




I’m looking for an option to allow me to sync my Outlook calendar with my iPhone & iPad and vice-versa.  

Was told that Exchange ActiveSync would allow this.  My question is, how does this work?  

Looks to me as if I create another email account but how does this account get me the calendar events from Outlook to the iPhone / iPad?  Do I just add the account to Outlook and when I create a cal event, it is based on this new account?  So, when I set
it up on the iPhone / iPad, I just have it sync the Cal too?  

If so, how does one create a cal event in Outlook for a particular account?  

Or am I missing some of the basics?  

Thanks in advance.


The email account that Outlook no longer displays is in the form of  *** Email address is removed for privacy ***, that is the only email.  This configurations has been working for weeks/months, maybe 2 years.  Prior to Thursday at 5:15 AM  email was successfully received on both Outlook
2007  (on my PC running VISTA, Chrome as browser) as well as my iphone 4.  For no apparent reason all email after Thursday morning is no longer displayed, although I can see all the emails if I go to msn.com or read them on my iphone.  Strangely, I can SEND
emails from Outlook.  As a test I sent a time-stamped test email to myself with no problems.   There are no error messages.  I have tried deleting emails reduce # of emails, re-booting, looking at the Outlook configuration to no joy.  Any suggestions appreciated.

As with other posters in Perth Western Australia who have different versions of software to me, I see a consistent problem with Outlook and iCloud.

When an appointment is created on the iPhone and synched via iCloud to Outlook it appears 1 hour later than the time set on the iPhone.

When I create an appointment in Outlook the synched time on the iPhone is correct.

I have a fully patched Win 7 64bit OS environment and running Office Pro 2013.

I tried to manually run this patch
but was unable as, according to the message, this patch is not applicable to my system.

I have found many posts by others experiencing this issue but no resolution. Some have suggested to change to Singapore time on all devices but this is not feasible due to other, non-related issues with language and other apps I run.

Would appreciate some assistance.

Thanks in advance


When I added and sync’d my iphone with icloud, it created 2 icloud calendars in Outlook.  One is default and cannot be deleted, however, the other can be deleted.  I’ve got my iphone updating the default calendar and have copied the appointments so both
calendars match.

Can I delete the extra icloud calendar or will this effect my calenar sync?

Guten Tag,

leider verschwinden im Outlook Kontaktbilder, sobald ich Änderungen an dem jeweiligen Kontakt im iPhone vornehme. Ich besitzte Outlook 2013 und ein iPhone 5 mit der neusten Firmware. Wenn ich Änderungen bei Outlook.com online vornehme, bleiben die Kontaktbilder
bei Outlook erhalten.

Kann jmd dies Bestätigen, oder hat einen Lösungsansatz?

Viele Grüße


I just installed Office 2013 on my Windows 8 computer.  Prior to the installation my iPhone synced with Outlook 2007 perfectly with my calendar, notes and contacts which were all in my personal folder in Outlook.  When I updated to 2013 a new calendar
was created under one of my IMAP email accounts and it says "(this computer only)". This calendar is empty and iTunes is now syncing to this one and not the full one in the personal folders.  I am not getting an option in iTunes any longer to access and sync
to the calendar in the personal directory.  The same thing is happening for my contacts and my notes.  So now my iPhone is empty of contacts, calendar and notes.  How do I correct this issue?

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Hey guys,

Need some help. I am so far from an expert it is funny.

I am trying to sync my Outlook 2007 contacts with my Iphone.

I am using icloud. It does work but I need to do a one-way sync and I cannot figure out how.

So, if I have a contact in Outlook, lets say ‘test’. test has an email address of *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and a phone contact of 0411 112 112.

Now in my Iphone I also have ‘test’. he has the same email address as Outlook; *** Email address is removed for privacy *** but his phone number is wrong and is 411 112 112.

(Obviously if only 1 contact was wrong I could do this manually, but all my contacts in my phone are wrong as they have all dropped the leading ‘0’.)

All my contacts in Outlook are correct and all my contacts in my Iphone are incorrect.

How do I make it sync only from Outlook to the Iphone?

Thanks in advance

I have an iphone4 and it syncs to the calendar on my laptop — however I now use outlook on my imac and want the iphone calendar to sync with that on the imac – How do I go about getting this to work??

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my email is working. I am use to Win live mail Version Essentials 11


keep getting only 67 meesages sent to iphone. I forwarded it to someone  and he keeps getting it

We are on same server.  It’s home PC Desktop win 7. HP Pavilion not that it matters. He uses GMAIL – I use live mail.

It’s only this one email as far as i know which came from Then why would he not get direct emails i send him.  He is upset b/c he uses IPHONE as a biz device.

always on road. It’s his mimi laptop.



Unable to send or receive messages for the Live (nicolecapital) account.

Subject ‘ Massage Heights Franchising Dept. Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80072EFE


Thanks in advance



PLEASE HELP THIS ISSSUE IS DRIVING My HUSBAND Crazy. he’s investment banker uses iphone for biz deals.