Can someone tell me if I can recover a deleted file (Microsoft 2010) - I have a trial Microsoft 2010 - and it says I need to activate, but I don't have a product key.

So I signed up for the 365 office download, but it is Outlook 2013 and etc.  I need the original Outlook 2010 and all the messages & etc that were in it.

I just installed Microsoft Office 2010.  I have Windows 7.  When I setup Outlook I apparently went too far and got into Exchange which I don't want or need.  As a result I get the message, "The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."  There is an OK box.  When I click on it I get another box that asks me to enter the Microsoft Exchange Server and Mailbox.  How do I reverse all this and get back to the basic Outlook?  I want to use it to process my Yahoo emails.

I recently had to replace my hard drive. When Best Buy re-installed my office programs for some reason I cannot get Outlook to perform as before. I use Windows 7 x64 Pro upgrade and Microsoft office 2010

I have several email accounts I use and connect them with Outlook and the exchange server. I also have a business account that I was able to connect before and had localized sub-folders I set up and did not have to subscribe to the server. Now, it is requiring me to subscribe these to the server. So I did. However, following all steps I was previously told about going in to the dialog box to make sure all folders were subscribed. My folders still didn't show up. In fact, the only was that is there is my Inbox. I never had issues like this before. I'm unable to import my older account folders because of the way Outlook is set up. After doing some research, Best Buy re-installed everything but did it as an upgrade not a clean install, which I believe is where my problems are coming from. I need my folders. I can't effectively do my work without them. 

Please someone help me.

My previous hard drive had a mechanical error. Is there any way to do a restore on this new hard drive with a system image back up I had created just prior to my hard drive being replaced?


Recently my laptop with OS windows 8 got corrupted and as i did not had windows 8 cd available with me I Installed windows 7 and things are running fine.

I was able to install microsoft office 2010 and started to configure our company email address on to it through a microsoft exchange server mode. I couldn't do that. With all my efforts i tried nothing was useful. I lost my hopes and was able to configure email through POP3 MODE.

I need your help in configuring my email through microsoft exchange mode. Please guide and do the needful.

Also how can we be able to get the server host adress of our email id in office365.

Please advise guide accordingly

Many Thanks in Advance

Mohammed Zakeer

Hi All,

I need some help. Recently I have upgraded my old PC to Office 2010 edition. Previously I had Office 2003 running on it. I prefer to keep the Office 2003 so during the installation process I kept the previous version. 

Everything else works ok but I am having issues with Outlook 2010 which is a part of the Office 2010. Each time I start Outlook 2010 it prompts a Windows Installer then next prompt comes up showing Microsoft Office 2010 is configuring, it runs for a while then asks to restart the PC. After restarting the PC once I start the Outlook 2010 same thing happens again hence its just in a loop.

From here when I run Outlook 2010 in Safe Mode by holding CTRL key and starting Outlook 2010, Outlook starts in safe mode.

I have gathered there is obviously a some kind of conflict the Outlook 2010 is trying to configure when you try to run in Normal mode but I can not figure out how to fix. I have searched for solution for ca not seem to find anything that could help me.

I was wondering if some one else had this issue and can help me to resolve it.

Many Thanks in advance

Please could anybody assist me with this problem.  I have Microsoft Office 2010 and the outlook is not sending my emails.  I am receiving everything and can sync with my tablet and smart phone (emails, folders and calendar).  I can send from my phone and tablet, but not from my laptop.

I have installed the Outlook connector 32 bit (computer did not want the 64 bit to install).  I did a two step verification (app) with my smartphone, but nothing helps.  I even changed the password on outlook to the verification code they gave me when logged on.

PLEASE can anybody assist me?

Hi All,

I hope someone can help

Im using Microsoft Office 2010

I open a email/ file/ print.

Under print I have settings Memo style what ever I change it still doesn’t alter the email.

Im using a HP officejet 6600 network if that helps.



We have installed a COM addin for Office 2010 which is working fine, however currently anyone can deselect it in addins. We require for this particular addin to always be selected and no one should be able to deselect it apart from an administrator. Does anyone know a way to do this?



With calendars no longer being published to I am at a loss as what to do next. I am in an office with three other people and we need the shared calendars to keep up to date. the suggestions that that I've seen so far do not seem to do what i need them to. We are using Microsoft Office 2010. here is the functionality we need. In Outlook 2010 I need to be able to add an event and have everyone else see it. I also need the coordinator to be able to make changes to all calendars, Via Microsoft Outlook 2010, and have the changes reflected on all calendars. 

I have tried publishing and sharing my calendar online but once it is publish online changes I make to it in outlook are not reflected on the online version thus rendering it moot. The reverse is true as well, changes I make to my online calendar is not reflected on my Microsoft Outlook 2010 calendar.  

Perhaps I am simply doing something wrong, or maybe I'm missing something but I could use a hand here. 

I am using Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook  and in the contact Cards it allow you to insert First Middle and Last Name and a limited number of Tiles (ie Mr Mrs Dr etc) ...

I want to be able to use a tile that is not listed how do I go about creating that title so that it is available to use.


I am using Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook  and in the contact Cards it allow you to insert First Middle and Last Name and a limited number of Tiles (ie Mr Mrs Dr etc) ...

I want to be able to use a tile that is not listed how do I go about creating that title so that it is available to use.


I have a user running Microsoft Office 2010 on a windows XP machine. They are attached to a domain and a proxy. They are running Outlook thru a Citrix Session. Outlook works great except there is one pesky email that is in her "Unread" folder that cannot be deleted. When you try to do anything with it, this error occurs.

“Can’t move the items. Could not Move the item. The original was either moved or deleted, or access was denied.”

I have tried:

Resetting the folders using outlook.exe /resetfolders.

Holding the shift button to delete.

I am not sure what else to do. Everything else works fine. Even emails from the same sender come in and can be manipulated/deleted without any problems but just this one is not cooperating. Please Help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bought a new gaming computer and loaded Microsoft Office 2010, along with other programs.  All works fine except Outlook.  On startup, the screen blacks out momentarily, then Outlook opens completely pixelated in weird colors.  Any program opened at the same time is also pixelated until I close Outlook. Uninstalled 3 times now with no success, tried repair twice.  Opened Outlook in safe mode, tried opening Windows clean, tried other monitors, tried updating drivers,  ALL with no luck. Graphics card is Radeon HD 7950, Windows 7- 64bit, AMD FX-6350 x 6 -  3.9GHz processor.  About ready to trash Outlook and look for a free email client.
I use Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook clients in two different desktop systems operating out of two different domains.  One is at work based on Exchange 2010.  The other is at home based on Office 2010 using a local PST file.  I need to share Microsoft Outlook calendars between those two disparate systems.  Until recently, I was able to do this, using where I would share the two different calendars between the two accounts.  It seems Microsoft has terminated that service and is converting to   Please advise if there is a commensurate service on to share Outlook calendars between these disparate environments.  If not, please advise of another way to do this.  It seems this can alternately be accomplished through third-party products, through Google Calendar, or perhaps through WebDAV servers.  I seek a Microsoft solution to share Microsoft Outlook calendars. Please advise.

I was using Microsoft Calendar Assistant 2007.  Then had to buy new computer, with Windows 8.

Had to install Microsoft Office 2010 on the new computer.  Microsoft Calendar Assistant 2007 will no longer work on it.

I like the two pages per month because the boxes hold more information.  The monthly boxes on the Outlook Calendar are too small.

Where can I find two pages per month?