Does anyone have a suggestion or two where to look for some tutorials on explaining how the ‘personal folders’ is different from email inboxes? I have looked at a few Microsoft vids, but they don’t explain anythin as basic as this. Thanks

I’ve just received Office 2013 and accidently set up Microsoft 13 as an exchange server. I now cannot access outlook at all. I’ve checked forums and have gone to control panel to try to remove the wrong account but the Mail box won’t open despite numerous

I don’t know about everyone else but I use WMM a lot. I can’t afford any of the professional programs like Vegas but i’m eventually gonna buy it if Microsoft doesn’t make new updates. Although the interface is easy to use, there are no extra features like
adding sound effects or visual effects. For example, one of the projects i’m working on has a part where a house catches on fire. But there’s no option to add something like that in movie maker. There was another part where I had to spend hours trying to find
a sound effect that I needed. Why doesn’t windows make a list of special effects that users can use. I understand that Microsoft wants to keep it simple but add some more features. We pay $150 for windows anyway. Either add another program that can make effects
or add more features.

Part of my job is creating HTML emails for direct client communications. In this increasingly mobile world, I try to use <div> tags whenever I can because they are significantly more responsive than tables. Why, even in Outlook 2013, does Microsoft still
refuse to support attributes like padding and margins for divs? It’s not like the functionality doesn’t exist and Microsoft would have to create it from scratch. If the majority of email sent was still .txt or .rtf, then sure, don’t support it. But virtually
all email is now .html. Why does Microsoft insist that emails have to be coded with increasingly outdated tables?

I bought a new tablet that runs Windows 8.1 and came preinstalled with Office 2013.  The problem is that office 2013 did not include Outlook.  I use Office 2003 on my PC.  I lost the disk, but I do still have the product key.  I wondered if there was a way
to download Outlook 2003 to the tablet.  I could not find any way to download it on Microsoft’s site.

Alternatively, Microsoft told me to download Windows Live Mail, which I did on the PC.  I also downloaded Office Connector and put in my password, etc.  I have the following problems with that:

1. When I entered my email address in Outlook Connector, I made a typo.  Even though I clicked Add a New Account and put in the correct email, the first incorrect one keeps coming up.

2.  I was able to more or less get my contacts into Windows Live Mail, but they are a mess.  A long time ago I cleared out all the defunct entries from Outlook Contacts, but they show up in Windows Live Mail.  When I click Name, what shows up are mainly
numbers–addresses, phone numbers, etc.  (I want to stress that they are NOT listed that way in Oultook).  When I click Company, I get names, but they are not in alphabetical order.  When I put a name in the Search bar, what comes up is a partial entry–there
are no email addresses, etc.  It’s really not usable this way.

3.  When I click on Calendar, what comes up is completely blank.  The data did not transfer even though I went to Outlook Connector and added an account.  

4.  I went to Microsoft’s website to find out how much it would cost to download Outlook 2013, and it was $110.  

Does anybody know how I can get my calendar and contacts (I don’t care about email) onto my tablet computer?  Should I throw in the towel and buy a Mac?


ich kann seit letztem Wochenende Outlook nicht mehr starten und erhalte folgende Fehlermeldung:

Problemereignisname:    APPCRASH
Anwendungsname:    OUTLOOK.EXE

in der Systemsteuerung sehe ich, dass am 20.06.2014 ein update stattgefunden haben muss:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 – de-de    Microsoft Corporation    20.06.2014        15.0.4623.1003

Also habe ich versucht, mit einer Systemwiederherstellung, dass ganze rückgängig zu machen. Zunächst mit Erfolg. Dann öffnete sich in der Taskleiste das Office Update. Leider wurde nicht angezeigt, welche Version sich Microsoft erlaubte wieder aufzuspielen.
Nach einer Stunde erhielt ich dann wieder die o.g. Fehlermeldung, nachdem ich Outlook starten wollte. Ich benötige dringend Informationen, wie ich den Fehler beheben kann.


Olaf Blumberg

I have tired to instal Microsoft essentials but this error code appears can you help? 0x8004FF91

I have been using Microsoft Outlook 2010 as my email client for office365 on a desktop pc successfully now for 2 years. All of a sudden it has decided to stop syncing. It indicates that it is connected to Microsoft Exchange Server, but never works even when
trying to push a send/receive.

Can anyone help please as this is most frustrating when trying to run a business.

Operating system = Windows 7 (up-to-date)



Can someone tell me if I can recover a deleted file (Microsoft 2010) – I have a trial Microsoft 2010 – and it says I need to activate, but I don’t have a product key.

So I signed up for the 365 office download, but it is Outlook 2013 and etc.  I need the original Outlook 2010 and all the messages & etc that were in it.

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My account was blocked with a message that stated it may have been possible that someone tried to access my account or that the incorrect password was entered too many times.  A rep from Microsoft sent me a link that allowed me to access the account after
I filled out the information page that requires you to list numberous things about the contents of email messages.

That worked fine for a week or more, but now the account is locked again showing the same message.  Im hoping that I can get some assistance in unlocking the account again and taking the neccessary steps so that this does not happen again.  I have important
medical information inside that I NEED to be able to access.

Guten Tag!

Ich betreibe IT-Support aus dem Ausland und muss für eine Kundin einige Abklärungen zu Outlook erledigen. Dazu muss ich den Office-Support von Microsoft kontaktieren. Ich habe folgendes versucht:

1. Via Chat support (via Surface Support Seite). Dort wollte man mir nicht weiterhelfen weil ich kein Surface auf meinen Namen registriert hatte und ich die Seriennummer meiner Kundin nicht wusste. Ich habe dann die Seriennummer angefragt und müsste sie
nun bei der Chat anmeldung eingeben damit das Surface auf meinen Namen registriert wird. Das will ich aber nicht, weil es ja nicht mein Gerät ist. KEINE CHANCE AUF SUPPORT via Chat!

2. Via Telefon. Ich konnte nicht herausfinden welche Nummer ich wählen muss aus dem Ausland. Die  0800 000 300 oder 0848….. gehen nicht aus dem Ausland. Ich konnte nirgends eine Telefonnummer finden die ich von Ausland aus anrufen kann. Ich bin im Moment
in Bolivien, ich habe aber auch keine lokale Nummer gefunden (und das wäre dann ja wohl alles auf Spanisch…). KEINE CHANCE AUF SUPPORT via Telefon!

3. Via Telefon-Rückruf: Ich wollte von angegebenen Telefon-Rückruf gebrauch machen und Deutschen Support beantragen. Ich kann dort aber nur Telefon Nummern aus Deutschland eingeben! KEINE CHANCE AUF SUPPORT via Telefon-Rückruf!

4. Via E-Mail: Ich suchte nach einer E-Mail Adresse des Supports. Fehlanzeige! Nirgends ist eine E-Mail Adresse des Supports angegeben! Es gibt  also keinerlei Möglichkeit, den Microsoft Support via E-Mail zu erreichen! KEINE CHANCE AUF SUPPORT via E-Mail!

5. Via Kontakt-Formular: Es ist auch nirgends ein Formular zu finden mit dem ich den Support kontaktieren könnte. KEINE CHANCE AUF SUPPORT via Kontaktformular!

Wie bitte kann ich Support von Microsoft erhalten? Es gibt heutzutage Personen die nicht nur die eigenen IT-Probleme lösen. Manchmal befinden sich diese Leute auch nicht zu Hause in Deutschland sondern im Ausland. Microsoft ist eine internationale Firma,
wobei ich daran zweifle, und bietet einen Support, den die Kunden zur Weissglut treibt! Hat Microsoft vielleicht schon einmal davon gehört, dass zu einem guten Produkt auch einen guten Support angeboten werden muss? Bitte beantworten Sie mir nur eine Frage:


Eine simple Frage die hoffentlich auch eine simple Antwort hat…

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Patrick Biegel

PS: Entschuldigen Sie wenn es ein wenig ungeduldig tönt, aber ich versuche seit 4 Stunden den Support von Microsoft zu kontaktieren!

this will be my only message.  all my address book entries have disappeared.   i asume this was because the tigers lost last nite.  that is the only change which has occurred since they were showing up. the help function in office 2013 is every bit as good
as the help funtion in previous versions.. i ask for help in geting my address book back and the help function asks me to view a video on some wierd unrelated thing.  nicrosoft is the worst compny i ave eveer dealt with.  i have spent over 30 hours trying
to fix bugs in my office 2013 applications.  i did get help oncefrom microsoft,  but i think they found out and firede him.  i have use office since its inception and not once in all that time has the help filr hrlped me.  the forums aren’t much better, but
if i have 20 free hours to spend time perusing them, i can sometimes find my answers.

i am a good customer of microsoft products but  get trested like a stepchild.  its too bad they have a monopoly on thee programs.  they live in the world of beta.  i ust reformaated to get rid of win 8.1 because it is unfixable unless i spend $100 or so
on buy the program instead of using the upgrade.  i now have a new mission in life.  i am going to make as much trouble aas i can to empty the world and microsoft of stupid, incompetant, lazy people who are unfamiliar with the phrase “customere service’

thiswill probably not be posted, but thats all right. i will spend the next 20 hours trying to get my address book in outlook 2013 beta.

I had published my calendar at for a few years ago, but on April 2014 Microsoft have stopped this service (,
so I decided to publish calendar at my own WebDAV server.

To publish my calendar at WebDAV I need to unpublish it from first, but I can’t:

1. Can’t unpublish by “Remove from server” option, because authentication at is disabled:

2. Can’t delete published calendar from File->Account Settings->Published Calendars (like described in this solution:
), because there is nothing to remove there:

So I’m in a deadlock…Can anybody propose any solution of this stupid issue?

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I have had an ongoing issue since February… many calls and chats with Microsoft and still have problem. Outlook will freeze on my Surface (second machine since February), and when it does (sporadic) I lose the email I am working on… whether a reply or
new! Major problem for me and my consulting business!!!! After many attempts, Microsoft has not fixed the problem. Last week I was told the new updates this week will fix it. I waited, downloaded and installed 19 updates (I check every day and install any),
but problem happened last evening again and also this morning already. Can anyone help me, or am I going to throw out my Surface and go back to my IPAD.