i have windows live movie maker it use to work fine until i had a new video card installed its an NVIDIA geforce gt420 now movie maker says my card does not meet the required specs all the specs are way higher then what movie maker is asking for i contacted
the card company they said the same thing i have windows 7 64 bit operating system what can i do to fix this.

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I am trying to make a movie with movie maker live and I am having an issue. When I add the photos to the program I can see that the photos have been added but when I click on them to preview them or all of the photos together the screen is black.

I have tried the fixit option, still doesnt work

I have done a system update, still doesnt work

I then updated my display adapters, and I still have a black screen once the photos are uploaded in the program. I am uploading photos from one location on my laptops hard drive and I am running windows 7 on my HP G series laptop, if that information helps
as well.

I look forward to your response.

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So i’m having a weird issue, when i import any kind of audio into movie maker my headphones make a loud static noise, after this i cannot in anyway change the volume of my headset or hear anything else, even if i quit movie maker, the only way i manage to
fix this is to force quit and restart my headphones while movie maker is off. Once i start movie maker again it happens again. I have not tried to update windows essentials since i cannot find out how to.

Any help is greatly approciated!

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I go skiing each year and take around 80 – 95 videos using a drift HD camera. These range from 1minute – 30 minutes.

Rather than importing 30 minute source files into movie maker and then editing the videos keeping only the 30 second – 2 minute clip that I want, what I would like to be able to do would be to take out the sections that I like from each source file  and
in effect saving them again as much smaller source files.

Only then would I use movie maker to make my highlights reel. This pre show editing would save a lot of time with so many files to work with.

Does anyone know how this could be achieved ?



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Hello" I have tried to make a movie in movie maker several times now but there is no video recorded just audio could you help  me fix this problem….I am using a HP computer that I just bought a refurbished machine windows 7 professional service pack
1 64 bit operating system 3.20ghz it is now part of my home network.. Using video files from my other pc they play ok but they wont record picture in movie maker audio only, how do I fix?…..yours Henry

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I have .mov files that when played on media player work fine but once imported to movie maker they have no sound.

Please help


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I’ve tried numerous times to download and install microsoft movie maker on my windows 8.1 machine.  The installer consistently gets to 34% and the freezes.

I’ve been able to install and use it on other Windows 8.1 computers yet it won’t install on mine.

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I have Win8.1 and Movie Maker 2012. I am trying to open mod files in MM and at first it would come in but when played it would only be static. under options i turned off the advanced stabilization/processing and then i could get audio but video is only a
black screen. i turned the stabiliazation/processing back on and restarted and now the audio plays fine with these on but the video is still black.

when i open the video in media player it plays fine. however, in photo gallery the preview for the video is the same as for movie maker – audio but only a black screen for video.

any help would be greatly appreciated. i have spent all morning on this short video of my daughter. i don’t want my mac friends starting to say i told you so!

I want to use movie maker.  I don’t think there is adequate help as to how to group pictures on one

screen if that is even possible.  Also how to change colors of backgrounds on different pictures.

Original title: Movie Maker

When I download windows essentials and click install everything…..a the usual install window opens and tells me everything is installed? How can that be if I haven’t downloaded it before? I am using a Toshiba Satellite laptop less than 4 months old  with
win 8.1. When I do a search for movie maker…..zilch, zero, nothing! I have downloaded essentials three times and still it isn’t there. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Original title: windows Live

Microsoft support specialists have been troubleshooting my problem with movie maker and below is what they suggested.  can you help please?

Thank you for waiting. Our support specialists have checked the information that you’ve provided and it still shows that Movie Maker is crashing because of mfreadwrite.dll, which is a Windows system file. Since the System File checker shows an error that
it cannot fix some corrupted files, you need to manually repair it. This involves system files of the operating system. Because of this, we suggest that you contact Windows 8.1 support for further assistance on how to repair it. You can contact Windows 8.1
within the link below:

Windows 8.1

If you have other inquiries regarding Movie Maker, please let us know. We’ll be here to help you.

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so I have Movie maker installed imported my raw footage edited the movie and it looks good till I finalize the movie. What ever format I put it into I get the same results. I even published it to you tube to no avail.


please help what are we doing wrong


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I’ve tried installing just the movie maker and the whole windows essentials package, but neither have worked.  I get an error 0x800b010e and it says it is unable to download.  I have windows 7, and have checked that I have met the minimum requirements,
even deleted old files to make sure that there is not a space issue, but to no avail.  None of the help pages say what to do with this error, so I don’t know what is wrong that is preventing the program from downloading.

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Original title: movie maker

I have Asus Eee with widows 7 starter.  It has windows movie maker but not DVD Maker.  I have external asus dvd rw.and want to go directly from movie maker to dvd maker.  Any way to download.

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Hi. I have a problem with windows live movie maker 2011 and my computer is windows 7. For a very long time the movie maker have worked very well but lately when I import videos to make movies out of them, I see th visual but no voice ( not for all videos
just for some of them). I’ve thought that maybe it is because of the video when I first observed this problem, but then I’ve tried a lot more and this problem seems to be increasing. I’ve read some comments about it, they say it is because of the codecs of
video’s own and I should delete those codecs. But I don’t know how to do that because they were talking about movie maker 2012 and mine was windows live 2011. 

I would be very pleased if there is someone to have a solution to this problem.

( Plus: In the options of movie maker there is no sound section or filters section for codecs I don’t know where to find those codecs.)