I purchased new computer with windows 8 and loaded my MS Office home/student version.  Excel, Word, Powerpoint all work but when I try and start Outlook, a window pops open and asks for my license code.  I enter the code and it appears to load, Outlook opens, but then a window opens and asks for the license code again.  It's stuck in an endless loop.  I'm not setting up email with Outlook; just want to use it to manage contacts.  This is so frustrating!
After accepting the recent automatic updates to MS Office, the MS Outlook stopped working. I've updated Outlook, and rebooted, but it still gives me the same notice. (Using MS Office 10, on Windows 7 OS.

Got a new installation of MS Office 2013.

Every time in outlook I right-click on the recycling trash in order to empty it, outlook starts the MS Office Configuration window that remains open for a couple of minutes while the progress bar slowly advances. At some point a setup program starts, but it runs for a very short time and I can't really read the message. Up to this time I cant access outlook. Once this completes, I can work with outlook again without problems... until the next time the MS Office Configuration window comes up.

Any idea what might cause outlook to start the MS Office Configuration window again and again and how to stop it from happening again?

Thanks in advance.

If I purchase a MS Office 356 Small Business Premium Pro edition, to replace my current MS Office 365 Home Premium 2013 edition, can I still use the Pro edition and set it up even though:

- I do I have not yet decided nor yet registered my Company name, Registration No, and own Domain yet? 

- Ie can I set it up with my Outlook.com e-mail address, using my birth date number as Registration number and Outlook.com as Domain?  

Looking forward to your reply.

All my best, Christer

Last March 22, 2014 (HK Time GMT+8) I received an update notification for MS Office. After the update, my Outlook started acting up. Specifically, when I click the icon to turn on the program, the splash screen appears for at least an hour trying to open Outlook.  After an eternity waiting for the program to start, I can access the emails on my default inbox, but as soon as I click on another inbox the program hangs (with white overlay). I shutdown Outlook at that point. I checked my other MS Office suite programs (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) and they seem to function normally.

I've tried both the quick fix and the full fix options available from Control Panel but still get the same results. Any other ideas? Thanks much...

 However after setup, it will not function, and the error message is that I must purchase a licensed copy of Microsoft office. However, I already have that, I purchased it as part of my original equipment. Does anyone know how to configure the outlook? Why would Microsoft ask me to purchase Office? It is the MS Office that I have that I used in the first place that the Outlook was configured from.

This is complicated so be patient please....


  1. 1. Was provided product activation key for MS Office Professional 2010 in Dec 2012 by MS employee over the phone because of operating system challenges - good customer service!.
  2. In Dec 2013 had to complete Refresh with operating system - don't ask!
  3. As a result all software gone and require a reload.
  4. Attempted to activate MS Office Professional 2010. Was unsuccessful
  5. Contacted MS Activation over phone and they refused to help indicating product key had been used 62 times. I used once.
  6. My Hotmail account still gets Outlook calendar alerts.
  7. Friend loaded MS Office 2007 which included Outlook.
  8. Once loaded MS Office will not sync with my Hotmail account which is either *** Email address is removed for privacy *** or *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Why will 2007 version not sync?

How can I fix this to ensure Outlook is operational?


If you require additional please forward your questions.


Thank you.

Runnin IMac with Mavericks and MS Office 2011 for Mac. Cannot get the hotmail account in Outlook to work. I have deleted the POP account and readded wtih out success. 

Any Ideas,

Thank you,

When I had Hotmail I could attach documents created in earlier versions of Word and Excel.  Now with this PITA takeover of Hotmail by Microsoft, I am repetitively getting messages that my version of MS Office won't work and HERE! Use our free trial of the newest version!  Because I absolutely HAD to send a Word document, I took the free trial and got an IMHO very craptastic version of MS Word and Excel to deal with, but at least stupid MS Office would let me attach documents again.

The free trial ends October 31st, Halloween (Very fitting!).  So as of that date, I have the choice of being forced to buy a product I DO NOT WANT - or I will apparently have to change email providers in order to get the ability to attach documents.


Hi, at the moment I use Outlook [office 2010] as my main email program at work.  I was wondering if I can use that .PST file via Office for Mac 2011 which is what I want to use at home.

I use drop box and therefore I can sync the .pst file across both computers that way.

is this possible? or do I need to buy Office 365 and then install that on both computers and have my datafile stored in the Microsoft's cloud service?

As much as I love Windows 8.1, SkyDrive and MS Office, it's extremely confusing to only be able to access the Office web apps via https://skydrive.live.com but your own Windows 8/8.1 SkyDrive app does not provide access to the Office web apps, even though both views look identical!  On top of that you don't provide a Windows 8/8.1 Start tile to https://skydrive.live.com

Yes, I know I can save my Office 2010 documents to SkyDrive. Thanks. But that only applies to my desktop (running Windows 8.1) with Office 2010 installed.

 Please Fix the SkyDrive/Office Web Apps confusion.

When I create a calendar item and invite others, the invitations get stuck in the outbox and never send.  Regular mail messages send just fine.  This is a relatively new computer.  It is running windows 7 with MS Office 2010.  I moved an outlook PST file from a machine that was running Windows XP and Office 2003.  It was working fine for several weeks and this problem started only two days ago.  I can not identify anything that has changed including updates which I only install manually.  It just stopped working.  I did install Norton One 360 a couple of weeks ago, but I am sure that I have hosted meetings since installing the software.  I have run the repair utility for PST and ran repair on the MS Office installation from add/change programs.  I have also disabled the Norton Antispam plug-in but the problem persists.  This is a major malfunction for me as I frequently host meetings and send outlook invitations.  I can usually solve my own problems through Google research, but this one has me stumped.  Help Please!!
I have had MS Office 2011 outlook setup on a MacBook Pro for over a year, connected to a Hosted exchange server.  I have 95 users connected to this hosted exchange server and all are windows, except for this one.  The connection to the server is solid, but when the MAC User sends an email it will sit in the outbox for 5-10 minutes.  This does not happen with any windows or Ipad/Iphone/Smart phone users.  This also happens at the office and home site as well.

Environment: Windows 8, MS Office 2013, multiple Email accounts in Outlook 2013, default sending email account is IMAP, other email accounts are POP3


Problem: Since MS moved the mail merge out of Outlook and into Word, I cannot choose which email account to send mail merge emails from.  Other articles speak specifically to Windows XP and Office 2010 but those solutions do not work in my environment.  I need to set my system to use the DEFAULT sending account, which is an IMAP account, when I use Mail Merge in Word.  Can someone tell me how to do that? Or, if someone can tell me how to use Outlook to mail merge (as in older versions such as 2003) instead of Word I can mail merge from the proper email account.


Thank you in advance for your help,


I have a problem with random files i created with Office 2013 in my SkyDrive.

I have two computers both with office 2013 and skydrive and randomly files appear that are marked as "The office file needs your attention".

When i open these files sometimes Office says i have to decide between two versions (that's stupid but understandable) but sometimes just nothing appears and i don't know how to solve the problem.