Is there a way to enter a note in a contact in outlook 2010 and have that note field sync with anther contact from the same company?  I am using exchange 365.
What fields in contacts are indexed?? It seems to my that most fields are not indexed which is kind of a deal breaker for me. For example if the note field was indexed a person could find a certain record simply by a name that was remembered in the note field. This is possible on almost quality PIMS such as outlook etc. It almost seems to me this contacts program is just not finished yet.
In my contact template of Outlook 2007 there is the standard note field, and designing the template, you can't add a table to the note field. So I ran the template as a new contact, inserted a table to the note field, and then clicked on design this form....And the table shows up in the designing form....I then publish it in the normal way, but when I create the new contact, the table does not show up. Is there a way to have a table in the note field or as a separate field in the Contact form of template?
Thanks to all!