I have several IMAP or POP3 email accounts working inside Outlook 2007. I now want to add an account which connects to an Exchange server. However the Exchange 2010 server which is used by the organisation in question has not been initialized
to support POP 3 or IMAP and Outlook Anywhere. They have suggested using OWA in IE but this is rather inconvenient compared to push notification from Outlook 2007. I think there must be a way to use OWA inside Ouitlook 2007. I have found some links to explanations
as to how this can be achieved but have not managed to make it work. Is this because Outlook Anywhere has not been enabled?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


PLEASE HELP – Issue: “Cannot start outlook 2007.  Cannot open the outlook window”. Set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in outlook.pst”    

I tried  running scanpst.exe against the outlook – result = not responding

My operating system = microsoft windows 7 professional

Thanks in advance for any help / advice


Seems like a very basic function in Outlook should be a quick print of an envelope from a selected (or open) contact in Outlook.  Am I missing something or is the most very basic function missing?  I really don’t want to go through the time and effort of
setting up a mail merge document just for a single envelope.

Similarly, on a open contact, shouldn’t there be a quick button to initiate a letter to that contact which opens Word and puts the address and salutation in?

Thanks for any help. 

I have downloaded and installed Microsoft Outlook Connector as I believe it is supposed to allow me to send and receive email with my outlook.com email address in Outlook 2007. At present it is associated with a sympatico.ca email address. As it stands
right now, my outlook.com email address is in my email address lists in Outlook 2007, however, I cannot send or receive outlook.com messages. Microsoft Outlook Connector is in my list of installed applications, but, I cannot find it anywhere. That being the
case, how do I launch it. Assuming, of course, that this is what I need to do.

 As the question says I have a Outlook.com account in Outlook 2007. I would like to know if it’s possible to add a gmail account using pop3 in the same Outlook 2007. That would be 2 seperate email protocols in the same version of Outlook 2007. My Outlook.com
account works fine so I don’t want to switch it over to pop3. I was curious if you could run 2 separate protocols such as pop3 and hotmail connector in the same version of Outlook 2007??? I forgot to mention that the account I have (Outlook.com) is configured
with the Hotmail Connector, so I would be adding a POP3 account to the same Outlook 2007 if that is possible to do.             

There are no sent files indicated in my sent folder on the preview pane and when I click the “Sent” file I get the following messages:

The message interface has returned an unknown error.  If the problem persists, restart Outlook.


Cannot display information.  There is either a problem connecting to the server or an error occurred.  Try restarting Microsoft Office Outlook again.  

I’ve restarted the PC and Outlook several times, no change.  


I want to export contracts from outlook 2007.  Do not have the option to do it as a pst file.  How do I export the contacts as a pst file when the option is not available?

One of our users suddenly cannot send Replies nor Forward received emails to other receipients in Outlook 2007. We have tried reinstalling Office 2007 on the laptop but that has not resolved the issue. Any assistance on this?

I have a problem with my e-mails since running the latest Microsoft updates on 2014/06/14. New e-mails don’t appear in the Inbox file anymore but under Inbox a new subfile showing Outbox with a blue arrow on the icon appeared which now hosts my new incoming
e-mails . What is the probl;em and how do I restore to original setting please ?

Is there a way in Outlook 2007 to autobackup .pst file as soon as message is arrived or sent so that if user deletes any sent/received message, a backup is there.

I’m trying to import an Outlook 2007 PST file from a PC into a Mac running Office for Mac 2011. The process takes a while and then reports “Outlook has finished importing your data” but all I get are empty folders. None of the emails are imported but the
folder structure is correctly imported. The PST file works perfectly within Outlook 2007. The PST file is 5Gb.

I often have to pull small bits of info out of my Outlook contacts list. Sometimes it is just an e-mail, sometimes it is an address. 

I am moving from outlook 2007 to outlook 2013. In outlook 2007 I was able to just open outlook go to my contacts, find the card and copy the individual items out of the cards. With Outlook 2013, that does not work. 

If I right click, it gives me the option to copy, but it copies the entire card, not just the info I need. 

Is there a way to copy the info without having to go the next step and actually opening the card. Seems dumb to click one more time just to get access to the info I can already see.

In addition, The same with mapping an address. Is the only way to map an address to go all the way into the card. If I can already see the address, why do I have to click again and open another window just to map the address?


I bought Office Home & Business 2010 four years ago but never installed it for fear I’d lose my highly customized tweaks to Outlook 2007. I have dozens of Contact folders with thousands of contacts, a virtual database in Outlook 2007. Will an upgrade to
Office 2013 retain and populate these non-boilerplate columns or will I have to rebuild them all again? 

Will I have to upgrade in steps, from Outlook 2007 to 2010 to 2013 or do a single hop?

Also, I’ve heard horror stories about losing the look and feel of Outlook 2007 when upgrading–how do I avoid this w tutorials, classes or personalized instruction from ???

Appreciate any help!

I’ve been using Outlook 2007 (using Outlook connector) for a while but somehow it doesn’t download all of my MSN Inbox emails today. I can check all emails from Outlook.com, but I want to use Outlook. Please help me. Thank  you.

Hi Guys

A few clients in our estate are getting a problem when trying to hyperlink in Outlook / Word – when you try to create a hyperlink it is very slow. It’s slow when trying to access local items on your machine or when trying to hyperlink to something
on a network share. by slow, I mean there is a lag of about 30-40 seconds between each folder i.e. C:/ My Documents / My Pictures etc…

Heres the scenarios:-

Outlook 2007 – hyperlinks work fine

Outlook 2007 with SP3 – hyperlinks work fine.

Outlook 2007 with SP3 and Evault Client version 8 / 9 or 10 – hyperlinks start to run slow when trying to create them.

The above issues also happen in Word.

The problem gets so bad that sometimes it causes the MS program to not respond.

I have also raised this issue with the Symantec Enterprise Vault Forum, who were quick to respond saying that this is an Outlook issue. In fairness, once I uninstall Evault the problem still persists.4

Is anyone able to help on this please?

Thanks in advance, Nick.