I have a POP3 email account using Windows 7 and Outlook 2010, 64 bit.  I send email updates to about 350 contacts via a distribution list.  During the past 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve been getting reports that my emails are being received multiple (up to 5 times)
times when I’ve only sent it once – there is only one instance of the email in the sent file.   I’ve noticed that the email seems to get stuck in the outbox and apparently is sending and resending the email multiple times during the period of time that it’s
stuck.  I eventually have to delete the message, and still find that people have received it multiple times.  How can I fix this issue?  Someone told me it may be a full "sent" file, so I’ve deleted the contents of that file, also, but the problem persists.

I purchased new computer with windows 8 and loaded my MS Office home/student version.  Excel, Word, Powerpoint all work but when I try and start Outlook, a window pops open and asks for my license code.  I enter the code and it appears to load, Outlook
opens, but then a window opens and asks for the license code again.  It’s stuck in an endless loop.  I’m not setting up email with Outlook; just want to use it to manage contacts.  This is so frustrating!

Outlook 2010 will not send a group email.  I was able to send two small group emails but am now receiving a send reporting error 1x8DE0006 operation failed.   

Good morning.  I have Outlook 2010.  I typically run with an external USB HDD attached to my computer, for large files, etc.  When it’s attached, Outlook seems to start using it after a period of time.  When I click ‘Reply’ on an e-mail, for example, the
drive light comes on and Outlook stops responding for a few seconds until the drive light goes out.

The same will become true of creating a new e-mail, forwarding, and especially of opening an attachment.

It seems like Outlook is latching on to the external HDD as a cache of some sort.  Ejecting the drive restores performance.

The external drive is not being used as a cache in Windows.  No temp files are pointed there.  It’s just storage for large installers and other things I might need when I plug it into another computer.

Can this be managed in Outlook?

My Outlook will not even open now.  The only thing new I have done was load a new wireless router and since then I have had two instances that Outlook 2010 will not open at all. 

I can’t keep restoring my computer each time this happens.  Can someone tell me what is going on and how to fix this permanently?

I have a situation where the local PC Outlook 2010 is not updating with Office 365 OWA enterprise E3 plan

Basically, if a change is made on A blackberry or OWA it is not reflected in Outlook 2010 on a local PC

Emails are coming on and going out from Outlook 2010 on the local pc.

If you bulk delete emails from OWA they are still visible on the local pc after many hours.

Mail box is around 35 GB / Limits are 50 GB

does anyone have any ideas as I’m pulling my hair out a bit



Hi All,

Got this issue with a user.

He wants to receive all the incoming emails first before sending out from his outbox. The problem lies when his outbox mails includes attachments and will take some time to send them out thus affecting the incoming mails from successfully going into the

This will sometimes crash his Outlook.

I know of a setting where delaying the outbox messages but that is done either by setting a time or a manual push but he wants it automatically.

So Outlook does is send 1st then receive. He wants it the opposite.

Any workaround on this?

Thanks 🙂


I have lost the desktop option when i attach a file to an email in Outlook 2010. The only options available now are:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Favorites
  • Libraries
  • Computer
  • Network

It used to be there (yesterday) and i cant explain why it has disappeared. I’ve tried searching for an answer on-line with no luck.

I run Windows 7 and a HP laptop.

Any help would be greatly received.



Is there a way to enter a note in a contact in outlook 2010 and have that note field sync with anther contact from the same company?  I am using exchange 365.

Is there an addin available for Outlook 2010 to record macros rather than need to learn a lot of code to send out an automated email that the Outlook rules cannot handle?

I have configured my Outlook 2010 settings per the Email Service (charter.net) stipulations, have checked the details with their tech support, but continue to get a specific error code when I try to use the Test Account Settings feature.  The Send Text Message
task fails with the error message, “Send test email message:  The server responded: 550 5.2.0 Invalid recipie.”  As a result of that failure, I cannot use the charter.net account as my default email account, which I need to do very badly.  Charter tech support
says it is a Microsoft Problem.  I imagine MS will say it is a Charter problem.  Nobody has given me an explanation.  Something’s got to give.  Can Anybody clue me in?

Hi everyone,

I have a problem. I have a Mac with Office 2011, and i need to share my calendar of Outlook 2011 with another user wich works with Windows platform and uses Outlook 2010 … 

I know how to share from Outlook 2010 … I just wanna help for sharing de Outlook 2011 Calendar with …. 

I work with Exchange Server . 

Any help ??? 


Pereiraf 🙂 

An associate has 2 addresses with his isp, one of which has been deleted:

*** Email address is removed for privacy ***

*** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Somehow Outlook in it’s infinite wisdom has associated the 2 addresses. I’ve removed every instance of the old address I can find and am only sending to the new one. The messages keep bouncing because Outlook insists on changing the address back to the old.

First, how do I get OL to use the correct address?

Second, why is OL deciding which address to use? It should be as simple as changing the address over – this is typical “we know best” Msft bs..


I use Outlook 2010 for my business email, imap through 1and1. 

What I need is a calendar that will sync in outlook, and on my iphone whether I add/delete/amend on my laptop or phone.

1and1 have an Exchange account that has a calendar, but I would have to upgrade which I don’t want to do.

Any help would be appreciated.




I am moving 10,000 emails, stored in multiple directories, from outlook 2010 to outlook.com using the hotmail connector

the first few directories transferred and were visible, with the emails, in outlook.com

for other directories, I can see the directory with the emails in *** Email address is removed for privacy *** link in outlook 2010, but they are not visible when I login to outlook.com. I can still receive new emails in outlook.com

how can I make the emails visible in outlook.com?