Using Outlook for Mac, I need to know how, if possible, to find and copy Outlook email folders stored on my computer to another computer.  On a PC, copying the .pst files made this fairly easy.  Is there an equivalent file/method to use on the Mac?


I’ve tried to set up my email address to Outlook with no luck for over a month now

It’s set up on my phone in seconds, set up on my old PC in seconds on an older Outlook, set up on my sons iPhone in seconds, but, the latest version of Outlook on my Windows 8 laptop will just not set up my mail address.

It’s an imap email, it just won’t connect to the server, i tried on the laptop, it says there is a certificate problem, even if i turn the option off it still says the same, i tried on Outlook online and it says it wont connect to the pop3 server. I tried
the import tool, it stayed on 0% for 24hours. 

Can someone please help, every single one of the troubleshoot tutorials i have tried did not work, running out of idea’s, the browser email program my provider uses is squirrel email and its absolutely awful, I cannot go on using it.

Original title: Outlook email problems

My Outlook email has performed most admirably until recently.  I use Malware and also a registry cleaner program.  Could these have somehow affected Outlook.  I’ve tried several fixes such as turning off logging and some about increasing the automatic send/receive
and some others which I don’t recall to no avail.  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled my office suite and still nothing.  Any ideas why it is sluggish.  All suggestions are appreciated.


We recently switched to Office 365 for Outlook email.

I have an archive I have to use with hundreds of folders and sub-folders.

Each time i start mail I have to re-open all of the sub folders now to get access.

How can I make it auto-open the folders/subs, or can Outlook remember which were open at the time when I closed email?

How do I DRAG an attachment into an Outlook email. I know how to attach…I want to drag into the email window, like Entourage.

We have a user who use Android phone and Tochdown Client is installed on the phone.

1. All Meeting requests on my Mobile Touchdown Client are proper and correct.
2. With http://owa/ some requests are correct but some meeting entries are incorrect.
3. With my Laptop Outlook email cliet all the Meeting requests are incorrect.
Tried following things :
– Deleting Outlook ost files
– Deleting temp files
– But the Problem persists.

What are the other things that we can check here?

When using either Word or PPT and using the attach to email function within the program, it opens an Outlook email with the file attached, I type a message message explaining the attachments, and send. Then when I check sent items, the email with the attachment
was sent, but without an message body. 

This happens consistently now, but did not happen in the past.  Anyone know the issue or the fix?

If I attach the file from within Outlook there is no problem.



The Outlook folder view mostly works, but seems to limit you to one choice only.

To find under a second choice, it takes searching which does not always work so great.

I wish to manually assign multiple keywords for indexing email like the way they index books at the library.

I wish those words to become part of a list so I can pick from ones already used.

This is needed as often the words in email received are inadequate or abbreviated or implied and not stated to find that later by searching.

I wish for the view option to include a way to switch from folder view to keyword view, then present the list of keywords I already set and let me choose more than one for my search.

I wish for the search tool to be more ready to use, not shrouded in syntax, or buried in the menu as it is.

Look at IRS.GOV, top right Advanced search as that works well, but still lacks clarity or options whether you want the choices listed as AND or OR.

Outlook email on my PC stopped receiving/sending email from my hotmail ( account.  I removed the account from my Outlook and then reconnected using my email account and password, but the problem persists.  I also restored my PC to an earlier time
without solving the problem. 

Outlook works fine with another email account I set up in Hotmail (, and my original account works fine if accessed via the internet or on my iPhone.

How can I fix this problem with Outlook?

Alternately, is it possible to automatically redirect mail from the original account to a new account?

How can I export all of my emails to a folder or external drive?

The problems I’m having is that I have over 100,000 emails that I need to save a copy of prior to my company purging.  The problems are most are files are achieved files so the first question is how do I mass un-achieve them?  The second question is how
do I mass export the emails with the attachments?

My Outlook email which has worked great for many years, has stopped  sending out mail.  There is no error message, it just gets stuck in the outbox and stays there.  I can receive messages  but not send them.  Can anybody help with this?


I’ve been using Outlook 2013 for about a week. I use AutoCorrect often, to expand commonly use words and phrases. In the Outlook email editor, I’ve notice that the expansion is much slower than it was
in Outlook 2010. I have noticed no difference in Word 2013 over Word 2010. Anyone else noticed this, or have any idea on the cause? Thanks. (I normally don’t cross post but I think that the Google Groups for Outlook is only marginally active.)

I run Outlook 2007 on acomputer sith Win7 and Outlook 2010 on  another with Win 8.1.  Both computers do not show pictures just red xs after clicking on the “allow pictures” bar. 

I used to be aable to see them on the Outlook 2007 with no problem.  after an update they do not open! 

Is the only answer to use another Emaail program?