Got a new computer yesterday on Windows 7, the IT guys transferred all our emails and contacts from Outlook Express on our old computer to Windows Live Mail and it was all working perfectly.  This afternoon I loaded some photos on the computer, which I then
proceeded to email to myself via the windows photo viewer screen by clicking on the word ’email’ at the top of the screen. 

An error message came up saying it couldn’t send, I tried again, same error.  There are no messages in my outbox.

Now when I push send/receive it tries to send 2 messages which don’t seem to exist ??  Any new test messages I create won’t send either.   It’s like the 2 photo messages I tried to send have jammed in the works.

I have spent an hour on the phone with my email provider, Xtra, but they weren’t able to help.  If I send messages to myself via another computer and email programme they work, so I am pretty sure Windows Live Mail is causing the problem. 

Any ideas to help with this as we don’t have a phone support line I can ring in NZ. 

Cheers, Stephanie

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Moving from my Mum away from a Windows XP? desktop, I’ve just set up Windows Live Mail on their Windows 7 Laptop.

On Windows XP she was using Outlook Express with 2 ISP provided email addresses. (One for her and one for my Dad)

Her familiarity with Outlook Express was the one thing holding her back from not using their laptop.

With a friend she organises a Garden society and has to send regular emails to all of the members telling them what visits they’re planning.

On Windows XP from Outlook Express she’d organised all of the members addresses into 5 groups with about 30 addresses in each then for privacy she’d individually send each group the mail with the group in the BCC.

She’s been doing this for 4 or 5 years.

I set up a new mail account for her and used the Mail Migration add-on to import the emails and contacts from Outlook Express on her XP desktop into her account.

This seemed to work fine, all of the contacts? and groups were imported into her account.

I then installed Live Mail on their Windows 7 laptop and added her account.

This seemed to work fine, all of the contacts and groups were imported into Live Mail.

Sending mails to individual addresses or lists of addresses seems to work fine.

The problem happens when she tries to CC or BCC her groups of contacts in the Garden Society mails.

The mails seem to be sent and there are no errors shown but no one receives anything.

I’ve read in other threads that there are temporary CC limits imposed on Live Mail and to prevent spamming. (Possibly as low as 10) … And sending to a smaller group works OK.

There’s no information about when these temporary limits are lifted or how she can prove she’s not a spammer.

I understand the need to prevent Spam but this all seems somewhat overkill.

She needs to send to the groups a couple of times a month, 5 mails (one to each group) with about 30 members BCC’d in each group.

She obviously doesn’t want to go through the hassle of splitting her 5 groups into 15 (with 10 in each) and sending out 15 mails every time.

A business account is not an option because no money is involved. It’s just a load of OAPs who get together a few times a month and visit pretty Gardens. 

Is there someway she can do this through Live Mail?

I am currently using Windows 8.1 and Office 2007 Pro Outlook for my email. 

I have backed up data from two previous computers, one using Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail, and the other used Windows XP and Outlook Express. 

I used Carbonite to back up the Outlook Express email and folders to my Windows 7 computer.  They existed as .dbx files on my desktop and I could not open them.  I now have my Windows 7 Live mail files and folders backed up on my Windows 8.1 computer as
.dbx files. 

What do I have to do to get my email from my two previous computers into Outlook so I can access my old email?  I have a document collection going back to 2006 that I want to use. 

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I recently switched to Windows Live Mail (from Outlook Express) for my AT&T e-mail account, which I access from my laptop as well as my Droid Razr phone.

I deleted my old e-mail account on my Razr and created it again and I do receive e-mails through Windows Live and my phone, however, they don’t sync. Meaning, if I read an e-mail on my phone and delete it from my inbox, it still shows up in my Windows Live
e-mail inbox and vice versa.

When I used Outlook Express, if I deleted the e-mail from my phone, it would be deleted from Outlook Express too and vice versa.

I’d like to get back to the 1 and done process so I’m not having to delete messages twice. Anyone have any experience with this?


I wish to attach photos as I could in earlier versions of WLM and Outlook Express, by clicking on them in My Pictures Library, having choice of reducing size and simple attachment to email.   I do not
want “Album”, “OneDrive” etc Nobody I have sent them to since this has appeared in the email can download them, except as thumbnails. I did not ask for this “development” and cannot find a way to eliminate it. Please help. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I have moved recently from Outlook Express on XP to Live Mail 2012 on Windows 8.1   I have a number of e-mail accounts and can read/write to them all as required.

In OE I had a number of message rules set to sort incoming POP mail and move it to various local folders. I have created appropriate local storage folders in Live Mail and re-entered these rules, but they seem to have no effect on any incoming messages.
I have tried testing the rules by using the ‘Apply Now’ option and specifying the Inbox to which they are to be applied, but that does not work either.

Some threads on Message Rules imply that there has to be a separate set of rules for each account – is that true? If so, then how are they meant to be created, as there seems to be nothing in the process of creating rules to specific to which account they

I stopped using Windows Live mail for my business as I have 10,000 contacts and when I start typing an email into the TO field , it took forever to find a match, I think is searches on Live to find a match and this is not workable for me, very disappointing.

Is there a way to make it search the local address book only, like the OLD WAB in Outlook express.

I have found a new email client that has met most of my expectations
and I have reserved Windows Live email client for my Hotmail, gmail and other personal accounts, just not suitable for business beacuse of the address book, which slows me down.

Sometimes I type an email address and it puts in another address changing who I am sending to, this is very annoying

Otherwise the interface is nice.

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I was using Outlook Express in XP Pro with no problems. I upgraded to Windows Live Mail for XP and now when I send a message it is not formatted properly and it has code like this in the message.



I have tried changing the mail send options to html or plain text. Playing with the different settings but it has made no difference. I found a thread where it said the sender is not in allowed contacts and I made the change by setting up my account manually and that error disappeared. Regardless the mail messages still have the &ndash html codes in them. I did go back to Outlook express and test and I can send the same messages and it doesn't put &ndash in them so this is specific to Windows Live. Even looking at this message I just copied the above from the bad message and now even what I type right now is not formatted properly.

What is wrong?

I have tried to import select DBX folders from my old XP PRO computer into Windows Live Mail with NO success at all.

I have followed all the basic steps by copying the DBX folders on to a thumb drive and attempting to bring them into Windows LIve Mail via the import section on the file menu.

The message I get is this:

“No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open.  Please select another folder or try closing applications that have files open”.

I look at the file’s properties and show it contains information (bytes).  I try to bring in individual DBX files to no avail.

Considering the above message, I have tried to close everything that is related to this import, still to no avail.

I have also spoken to a friend that has attempted to transfer files from OE to Live Mail and he told me that it never worked either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The one thing I haven’t done is try compacting folders in OE but that comes next.

We are setting up 3 new systems and closing down two 2003 XP systems.  One of our old systems (my wife’s computer) has outlook express as an email application (using a POP3 server) and we want to transfer the address book contacts and the folders (containing
email messages) she has used over the past years to a new win 8.1 system using outlook 2013 (from Office 365 Home), we are setting up IMAP email accounts.   I assume this will be similar to the process I used when I transferred the same data from my old system
that was using Outlook as an email handler.  I found two files, I think they were PST files one for address book contacts and folders and the other with archive data and loaded those on an external disk and them imported them into our new win 8.1 system. 
I am not sure what files to use on the outlook express system and if they will work on the new Outlook application.  Help.  Thanks in advance,   Ed

I have seen many threads where others have had problems importing folders and contacts into a mac system running office 365,   We need to figure out how to get the Outlook Express folders and contacts out of the XP Pro system and then how to load them
into the mac with outlook/office 2011.  Does anyone have a link to a procedure that works — we are a few days from the end of a Office 365 Home trial month and would like to accomplish this transfer prior to starting the paid subscription.   Thanks,  Ed

A month ago I began using Outlook 2010 after using Outlook Express for many years.  I have been frustrated because (among other things) emails in my inbox disappear after a week or so.  Tonight when I opened Outlook, all the email in my inbox is gone.  I
have other folders set up and the email in those are still there.  I also have email in my Sent folder.  My Deleted folder is empty. 

Where did my email go and how do I get Outlook to keep more than a week’s worth of email in my inbox?

I am used to Outlook Express and it wasn’t confusing.  This is confusing as most days strange things occur.  Today, I went to delete a folder marked delete as I already had a delete folder and in deleting it , deleted all of my very important folders which
had been under “import” I think as I had moved them initially from outlook express.  They are not under the remaining delete folder nor are they in my recycle bin.  Where are they?  I looked under view, did compact view etc, did not retrieve the folders. 
Where are they?  These were all VERY important folders. 

I don’t think Windows Live Mail is a good product.  I need help in finding my folders, that is not too complicated.  Please help me.

My daughter was working in her Outlook Express reading emails when she got a message to compress her Inbox. She pressed ok and then lost all messages in her Inbox.  Important work stuff in there!!! How do we get back?