I have an account with 20 folders imported from previous version of Outlook.  I can not change the view settings for ALL folders in one place.  I have to go through every single folder, click on View Settings, click on Group By and click on this installed setting to have it NOT group according to arrangement,  Isn't there some simple way to apply this to the email account or at the very least the Inbox and any folders within it ?????


Recently, Windows Essentials was updated.  Windows Photo Gallery 2012 now shows a build number of 16.4.3528.331.

How is that build version different from the previous version?

What bugs were fixed?

What new features are there?

What previous features were removed?

What are the impacts on existing cataloged media files and metadata?

Would it be possible to answer each one of these questions?



Somewhere along the way, I have changed my outlook settings so that any message that is marked "High Priority" shows up red and any message that contains the word "Invoice" shows up green. Since then, I have been upgraded to Outlook 2013. In the previous version (I think that was 2010), unread messages were bold. In 2013, unread messages are blue, regular text, unless they are marked high priority or contain the work invoice, then they are red or green respectively. Because of this, it's harder to see what messages are unread so I would like to remove the settings that changes the color of special messages but don't remember where I went to add those settings to begin with.

Please help.



I've just upgraded my MS Office from 2010 to 2013.  Other from not automatically transfer contact categories from the previous version which I have to manually mange each categories, when I want to create new category, I can not type in Thai characters It will show only squares on the screen as shown below.  Please help.


I'm trying to create "Local Folders" in Live Mail 2012 as I had in the previous version(s) -  How do I do this ?

What I would really like to achieve is something similar to the following hierarchy:



  -  Ebay

  -  Purchases

  -  Software Keys

  -  Insurance

     -  Car

     -  House

Please help,


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This last weekend I updated my Office from 2003 to Office 365.  I have not been able to get Outlook to stay open.  It starts, and I can see that my Emails have been saved from the previous version but then the program stops working and says it needs to be shut down.  It doesn't stay open long enough to do anything.


This last weekend I updated my Office from 2003 to Office 365.  I have not been able to get Outlook to stay open.  It starts, and I can see that my Emails have been saved from the previous version but then the program stops working and says it needs to be shut down.  It doesn't stay open long enough to do anything.


old title: Outlook fails to run

Dear Micro soft community, Greetings. I am a write, author and a poet and my computer skills does not seem to match my spontainty, in the previous version of word/office spelling mistake were shown with a REd squiggly line, and when I follow it with a Rt. click, the actual corrected spelling were displayed on screen, and it was a great help, HOW DO I GET THAT FECILITY BACK on my computer?! thanks, good wishes,


Hi everybody,

I am trying to import a file .pst with all the email from my previous outlook version to the new version outlook, but I cannot do it. Normally in the Settings appear the import option but in this new version in the settings doesn't appear this option.

Any know how I can do it? Because I need read these emails.



Like many others, after the recent outlook 2013 update, Outlook stopped syncing my imap folders  I have tried reinstalling, using inbox and Inbox as the root folder or not with the following results:

without inbox or inbox as the root, emails in the root cannot be moved or deleted, but the subfolders are populated.  If I use inbox as the root folder, then i can move/delete emails from the inbox, but now the subfolder appear empty, thought they are all there.  Syncing also typically causes outlook to become unresponsive after some time.

This version of outlook is unuseable.

Is there are any to get the old version of outlook?

My operating system is windows 7. The problem I have is that when I try to download windows essentials it already say I have it and when I go to programmes on the control panel I cannot see it there either.

in a previous version of outlook, i created a rule where, if i received a calendar invitation where no reminder time was set, the meeting category would change to a specific category that color-coded the meeting in my calendar.  that helped me quickly look at my day and make sure i didn't miss a meeting because no calendar reminder would sound.  in outlook 2010, i cannot find any way to set a rule based on the properties of the reminder field in a calendar entry.  i am positive there used to be a way to do this.  can someone please advise?



Two queries about the new version :

1 How do I know the status of uploads to Skydrive? - In the previous version you could see the status via the notification icon.  I can't see how to do this in 8.1.  I can see the download status via the Skydrive W8.1 app, but not uploads.

2 As a test I saved a word file to a local folder synced to Skydrive.  I then checked Skydrive and the file was in the cloud almost instantly.  I then created some empty folders and they didn't appear in Skydrive.  Are they queued behind something else?  Which takes me back to my first query.  

I have also tried to set one of the empty folder in the local skydrive folder to on line only but get an error message stating the file is still uploading so something is obviously happening.

Finally, I can manually upload files from the cloud skydrive using the upload function.

Thanks for reading

I recently upgraded to OS X 10.9 and since the upgrade I have discovered that Apple has kindly removed the contact and calendar syncing options from iTunes.

The previous version of OS X (Mountain Lion) synced perfectly with Outlook via iCal and Apple Contacts ... now it seems the functionality has been removed.

Before embarking on an OS X downgrade I'm searching around to see a) if others have encountered the same issue b) whether anyone has been able to ascertain whether this is likely to be fixed by MS or Apple? and if so when? or lastly whether some smart cookie out there has found a solution.

I received an email from someone and I want to add them to my addressbook.  In previous version of Outlook you could add them from the email but I don't see that a person can do that anymore.  It has the option to add to favorites, but I want to add to the addressbook. Can anyone help me find this quick and easy solution without having to clumsily recreate it? Thank you!