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Save email attached file to SkyDrive (OneDrive) directly from MS Outlook 2010

When trying to save an attachment from OUTLOOK MS Office 2010 to the OneDrive folder on my W8 PC I get and error ” you don’t have admin permission… Please save the file to C:\ …. Documents ” . If I do that I can then copy the file to the SkyDrive on
my PC (C:\ …\OneDrive\), however I get and warning message Windows 8 needs permission to save to OneDrive I click OK and file is saved (copied) to the OneDrive. Should that be easier? Just save from whatever source directly to OneDrive? 

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Skydrive OSX Mavericks Keeps Asking for Startup Process….Can’t get past select Folder Window

Skydrive has periodically required a reinstall on Mac OSX.  This occurred about once a month, annoying but still worked.

Now after upgrade to OSX (10.9) Mavericks, the Startup/INstall for Skydrive will not go past the Select Folder screen.   Just sits there……even after clicking to select Folder.   I am able to sign in, trigger two-step security process and insert MS Code
for security, but next window asking you to select the Skydrive folder won’t do anything.  It never opens a selection window to point to the skydive Folder to create (location).

I have fully uninstalled Skydrive, automatically and manually.  All Containers apps uninstalled and Folders Gone. Restarted Mac.
Then Downloaded the newest version (17) from MS Site and attempted a clean reinstall……Yet, I Can not get past the select Folder window on reinstall.
FYI:  Removed skydive folder and all contents to back drive off this system so there are no remnants of the prior SkyDrive on this Mac.  Its a clean install.
Also, Skydrive does work an my home mac (osx Mavericks mac mini) and the setup/configuration of this other Mac is very similar and is synching there fine.
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Skydrive file availability after update

My Win8.1 Pro laptop went through a Windows update last night, and afterwards all my Skydrive files had been switched to “Online only”. I switched the folders to “Make available offline”, and the Modern app is showing it is syncing the files to my machine.
However, in Explorer views, files are showing up as available offline, but they still have the blue sync graphic on the file icons. These files are not accessible from my computer. Attempting to launch one starts a download (contradicting the “available” label),
hangs and reports an error dialog (1 Interrupted Action…Error 0x800705B4). I’m on a reasonably fast DSL connection. Also, my user profile is showing a Skydrive.old folder created yesterday morning. It’s got all my files, completely accessible, but obviously
any application that uses my default Skydrive directory structure isn’t able to access those files. This is a PITA!

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