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Could you please help fix an issue with sending photo album via windows live mail. I have a paid subscription to windows live mail (ie formally Hotmail and now outlook.com). have had this problem since Skydrive was changed to Onedrive. I have read all of
the other various past threads on this and similar issues regarding sending photos, emails, attachments, as well as issues with syncing, etc. I tried the fix-its associated with some of these threads and tried other solutions as well. The problem seems to
occur after sending the email… It gets stuck during the step of creating an album on Onedrive… ie it is unable to upload the photos to onedrive for sending… I was able to do this the very week before Skydrive was changed to Onedrive so I do not know
if there are some different settings, etc… But I think it is an issue on the Microsoft end because my father who lives out of state and has a completely different account, etc but also uses windows 7 called me for help with the very same issue… And a friend
of mine who also uses Windows 7 and windows live mail (ie outlook.com) is also having the same issue.  I do hope Microsoft can resolve this issue. Thank you

When trying to save an attachment from OUTLOOK MS Office 2010 to the OneDrive folder on my W8 PC I get and error " you don’t have admin permission… Please save the file to C:\ …. Documents " . If I do that I can then copy the file to the SkyDrive on
my PC (C:\ …\OneDrive\), however I get and warning message Windows 8 needs permission to save to OneDrive I click OK and file is saved (copied) to the OneDrive. Should that be easier? Just save from whatever source directly to OneDrive? 

I am new to Sky drive; I have three PCs and uploaded my files to Skydrive, on my main pc Skydrive is already updated; on the other two it says is updating ans files are missing I do not understand how this is since the only set of files I uploaded was
from my main pc and it says is already updated. can anybody shed some light on this?

Skydrive has periodically required a reinstall on Mac OSX.  This occurred about once a month, annoying but still worked.

Now after upgrade to OSX (10.9) Mavericks, the Startup/INstall for Skydrive will not go past the Select Folder screen.   Just sits there……even after clicking to select Folder.   I am able to sign in, trigger two-step security process and insert MS Code
for security, but next window asking you to select the Skydrive folder won’t do anything.  It never opens a selection window to point to the skydive Folder to create (location).

I have fully uninstalled Skydrive, automatically and manually.  All Containers apps uninstalled and Folders Gone. Restarted Mac.
Then Downloaded the newest version (17) from MS Site and attempted a clean reinstall……Yet, I Can not get past the select Folder window on reinstall.
FYI:  Removed skydive folder and all contents to back drive off this system so there are no remnants of the prior SkyDrive on this Mac.  Its a clean install.
Also, Skydrive does work an my home mac (osx Mavericks mac mini) and the setup/configuration of this other Mac is very similar and is synching there fine.

I’m using SkyDrive 100 GB paid version and had stored 65 GBs of files. My work files are under SkyDrive and I make lots of updates to them during daytime. Unfortunately each time I update files under SkyDrive folder it takes 10s of minutes for them to
be detected and synced. Skydrive consumes a lot of CPU and disk effort in order to understand which files are changed. This is so frustrating especially when I’m in a rush. Is there any way to increase response speed of SkyDrive?

My Win8.1 Pro laptop went through a Windows update last night, and afterwards all my Skydrive files had been switched to "Online only". I switched the folders to "Make available offline", and the Modern app is showing it is syncing the files to my machine.
However, in Explorer views, files are showing up as available offline, but they still have the blue sync graphic on the file icons. These files are not accessible from my computer. Attempting to launch one starts a download (contradicting the "available" label),
hangs and reports an error dialog (1 Interrupted Action…Error 0x800705B4). I’m on a reasonably fast DSL connection. Also, my user profile is showing a Skydrive.old folder created yesterday morning. It’s got all my files, completely accessible, but obviously
any application that uses my default Skydrive directory structure isn’t able to access those files. This is a PITA!

Hi guys,

I save all my files to Skydrive these days and I have noticed that in the Win8.1 Skydrive app there are folders that were created for me, not by me (see screenshot: Pictures, there was one called Documents but I successfully deleted it after several attempts)

That’s no big deal really, although I would like Skydrive to me organised the way I want it to be (the pictures folder reappears no matter how many times you delete it, heck even the documents folder gave up eventually!). The really odd thing I have noticed
is this:

If you can’t read that it says: “C:\Users\Enda\Skydrive\Documents is unavailable. If the location is on this PC, make sure the device or drive is connected or the disc is inserted, and then try again. If the location is on a network, make sure you’re connected
to the network or Internet, and then try again. If the location still can’t be found, it might have been moved or deleted.”.

I am connected to the network and all else checks out. The thing is I did deleted this folder. The default save location is set to C:\Users\Enda\Skydrive (and I don’t need this function anyway as I manually save my files).

So why does the computer try to save to this location if the documents folder (which I remind you was deleted) is not set as the default save location?

I would like to point out at this point that this is no big deal. I can just hit OK and save to wherever. I am just curious.

Thanks in advance and please ask if you need me to clarify further,



First of all SkyDrive is great I like it very much and I have migrated from all other cloud storages. But I came accorss an issue that I can’t solve and It might be the reason that will make me go back to dropbox. The problem is that it is impossible to
share files, that have been already shared with me.
Person X shared with me a file X.doc and I can’t find the option to share this file with next person that I am working with (I canr share X.doc further).
Is it possible? Am I doing something wrong?
Thank You!

Ever since the launch of Skype (and Facebook) webchat integration into Outlook.com I am experiencing an issue where using the Skype messaging pane from the various tab views (Mail, People, Calendar, SkyDrive) while logged into outlook.com is only possible
from the Skydrive tab.


In addition another issue occurs where connected facebook chat histories are only displayed in Calendar and SkyDrive view but NOT in Mail and People view.


Apparently switching my language settings in the according areas (Mail, People,Calender & Skydrive) from English (US) to English (UK) seems to be a workaround and skype integration then seems to work fine (the issue with the facebook chat history display
remains though).


Please refer to the below private message thread for detailed information and previous analysis information (provided fiddler trace & screenshots):



Thanks & Regards


Is there any flexibility with Skydrive shared folders setup on local machines to sync bi-directional BUT with permissions setup that restricts a local machine/user from syncing file/folder deletion request to the cloud?

I wrote a quick time management database (MS Access) for my wife who is a school teacher to help with student attendance but i need a way to backup local db tables in case one of their students decides to tamper with the hidden/pw protected files on the
computer terminal.   Some of the other teachers aren’t too bright either.  
Was just thinking i might use local folder sync to send a really small mdb (ie. 5mb normalized data) to Skydrive, but have a minor retention policy in place to prevent deleting from cloud storage.  Is that possible or asking too much?
It was only a favor for my wife’s school and i dont have enough time to invest much more cycles on this.

SkyDrive didn’t save anything I worked on (luckily it was a small project). I saved the Doc (using the Web App) did some work and downloaded the file for safe keeping. When I went back a few hours later both the Web and Local doc were completely blank.

I am a new user to both Windows 8 and SkyDrive and this did not fill me with confidence. I have done a few test files and they seem to be fine so this is very odd indeed.






 I am getting the blue screen of death and am trying to upload my memory.dmp screen to the skydrive-  I am the only user on the laptop. it says I need administrator approval. I am the admin 😉


I am using windows vista home premium 32 bit, please see my skydrive link above for error message






I moved my Favorites folder to Skydrive and somehow now on IE11 Favorites all my folders on Skydrive show there, not just my Favorites folder.  What happened?  It seems like IE11 now thinks that Skydrive is the location of my favorites and that is not
what I want.  Is there a way to tell IE11 where the favorites folder is located?

Hi there, I can see there are a lot of people with the same problem as me. Usually never have a problem with SkyDrive uploading photos and documents. This started yesterday when I noticed that my latest 4 photos hadn’t been uploaded and it stuck on “processing
changes”. This morning it was still stuck there so I uninstalled SkyDrive and downloaded the latest version but the problem persisted. However, I did notice that it still showed my existing files were synchronised. I would appreciate any help in this matter.
Thanks, Peter. 

My computer details are as follows:
HP G62 Notebook PC, Windows Pro 64 bit, Intel(R) Core i3 CPU M370 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB RAM

Dear Community,

I recently shared a folder, for which I created a shortened link on skydrive.
I transformed this link into a QR Code to easily share it with others. Unfortunately, this link does not work anymore – it used to work at the time I created it. Skydrive says the element has either been moved, deleted or the respective person (even me
the owner) has not the right to see it.
My question is, hoe to make that link work again, as I already created and distributed the QR code.