This is Donald. I shot some videos with a DSLR at 1920x 1080 50i (PAL mode) with a hand-held camera stabilizer. I copied orginal video clips which are in MOV mode to my desktop. I then use Windows media player to play a video and the image is is hypnotically
smooth, and overall quality is incredible. However, I imported the video clips to Window movie maker and then save it either with the option”For Highest Definition Display” or “Window 8 (1080P)”, the output videos became a lit bit Shaky and it is obvious to
see. It’s not for a particular out video, actually all output video have such issues.

For your info, I am runing Windows 7 ultimate and Windows movie maker 2012(the latest one for windows 7). My desktop computer is purchased three years ago running i3 processor and graphic card which is fully capable of playing Full HD videos.  

What I have tried to troubleshooting:

1. Follow the link beloe to check Codecs and update video driver, and doesn’t help

Movie Maker video quality is significantly less than the HD original clips.

2. Convert orginal MOV files to other format such as AVI or MP4 with mainstream format converters, found that the output videos quality is similarly downgraded.

3. Repeat above steps on another latest computer hardware, and problem persists.

Below is an example of my original video clip info for your reference, and hope you can solve the issue. Thanks!! 


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I am having major problems with audio on my Movie Maker. Before I updated to Windows 8.1 it seemed to work fine, but after updating when I’m editing in Windows Movie Maker the audio will sometimes disappear. Not just in Windows Movie Maker, but on the
entire computer. Not muted, nothing comes up in diagnostics. I uninstalled and reinstalled movie maker (rebooting computer in between for good measure). The problem still persists. If I reboot my computer the sound will come back, but if I start trying to
edit the same video again it will putz out again after a short while. (This has happened on multiple videos I’ve edited so I’m sure it’s not just a specific faulty video).

Please help. I’ve been trying to figure this out myself for over a month. I’ve tried all the solutions I can think of. (Oh, and please don’t post any youtube video solutions, it’s really hard for me to get onto youtube because I’m currently living in China).

Why am I getting this error message when trying to import music for windows movie maker>  Amazon MP3\Pharrell Williams\G I R L\01-05- Happy (From Despicable Me 2).mp3 could not be imported.

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When I start Windows Movie Maker on windows 8.1 after updating my computer last night, when I start movie maker, it will act like its going to start, but crashes with error code 0x80004005.


I have attempted repair. I have attempted uninstall and reinstall. It was working fine until I installed one of the following updates, which leads me to believe that it has something to do with one of them.



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So i’m having a weird issue, when i import any kind of audio into movie maker my headphones make a loud static noise, after this i cannot in anyway change the volume of my headset or hear anything else, even if i quit movie maker, the only way i manage to
fix this is to force quit and restart my headphones while movie maker is off. Once i start movie maker again it happens again. I have not tried to update windows essentials since i cannot find out how to.

Any help is greatly approciated!

I have dell 5520 with windows 7-64 bit. when I try to put some image or video on windows movie maker to make videos the preview pane is showing black.

please help me.

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I have searched the forum and am not able to find an answer to this specific issue, but I am ready to pull my hair out with frustration!

I have been asked to create a slide show for my son’s graduation tomorrow night (5/29/14). I used Windows Movie Maker (in Windows 8) and have created the slide show with 4 corresponding songs without issues, but I have 2 MAJOR problems with the playback. 

The first issue that I have is that sometimes when I open the file there is simply no sound. I have checked all volume controls, etc. The only resolution I can find is to shut down my computer and reboot. I really don’t want to hassle with this on graduation
night. Any ideas how I can fix? I have already downloaded audio patches from Windows and nothing has worked.

The second issue is that the musical transitions are not working when I play the slide show in it’s entirety. The first song transitions to the second with no problem, but after the second song, the music stops playing and the slides continue. The only fix
I can find is to pause the slide show, back up a few slides and start playing again. Any idea why this is happening? It is so very frustrating considering the amount of time I have put into this project to have all these glitches. I would really appreciate
any ideas of how to solve these problems. I would love to be able to play this slide show on graduation night (tomorrow!) without all these issues. Thank you!

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I’m trying to determine if I can use a Windows 8 tablet to run Windows Movie Maker or do I need to purchase a laptop (I prefer a hybrid laptop)?  I’ve got a budget of $500 so my options are limited.  I’ve been told I need a device with an I3 processor
at a minimum, is this true?  Can anyone suggest anything?  Thank you.

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Original title: movie maker

I have Asus Eee with widows 7 starter.  It has windows movie maker but not DVD Maker.  I have external asus dvd rw.and want to go directly from movie maker to dvd maker.  Any way to download.

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I have made a movie on Windows Movie Maker and I’m ready to save it. However, when I click the save button it immediately does step 1 of 2 but will not continue onto the second step. I have left it like this for over 24 hours and it has never changed. I
tried saving it in the recommended format, for a computer, for you tube. I’ve tried saving it as a Windows MPEG-4 and WMVF. I don’t know what to do. nothing has worked. 

  <——- This is what it gets stuck on

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I’m trying to use windows movie maker to save the movie in a MPEG4 format, it only saves in MP4, how do you save with the proper codec to get an MPEG4 film?  

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Original title: Movie Maker – save film as MPEG4?

I’m trying to use windows movie maker to save the movie in a MPEG4 format, it only saves in MP4, how do you save with the proper codec to get an MPEG4 film?  

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Why can’t I load .mp4 files from the BBC iPlayer into Windows Movie Maker? Do I need a special codec and, if so, where do I get it?

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I was working on a project in movie maker, and the program crashed. When I re-opened the file, which was saved, it said sorry, Movie Maker can’t open this project file. The file might not be compatible with Movie Maker or be corrupted. I had been working
on it for a few days and had no problems closing and re-opening it, so it’s not a compatibility issue. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Movie Maker, and that was unsuccessful.

I only saved one copy throughout (not multiple copies at different stages), which I now realize was a mistake, but unfortunately that also means I can’t easily go back and just fix a few things… It’s not really an option for me to start from scratch at
this point, and I only have a few days to figure this out, so if anyone could help me out quickly I would really appreciate it. I’ve uploaded the file into my OneDrive if anyone is willing to take a look at it. I realize there are already several questions/discussions
about this issue, but none of them have been able to help me resolve mine, so I’m counting on this pretty heavily!

Here is the file in question:
    (should be named round3celebrationvid)

Thanks thanks thanks,


Why is that whenever I drag a video clip into the timeline (preview) of windows movie maker and play it back, the quality goes down a lot? (streaks and poor quality) The video clip is fine when I’m playing it through the “Collections” folder
Update : it’s not just a preview though that gives the bad quality, that’s how the final version looks when saved. It didn’t use to do this before.